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Xhaka delivers the Emirates, the Red Devils are not rewarded

Jackets on the ground

The London wingtie appears to have been hit in the thigh and should no longer be able to hold its seat.


Arsenal takes the lead with two goals! Filed by Elneny 20 meters from the goal, Xhaka armed himself with a tense shot from the left that broke through De Ge’s net! 3-1 for Gunners.

Sad for Fernands for the first time in 24 years

No Manchester United player has missed two penalties in a single Premier League season since 1997-98.

Tavares also warned

The first scorer of the match also takes the yellow for an outrageous T-shirt stretching Elang.

Xhaka called for an order

The Swiss midfielder received a warning for a gesture of humor after a foul against Cédric.

An argument between McTominay and Gabriel

Both men offer a match show in the Gunners area after a whistle foul against the Mancunian midfielder. No card for two men.

Smith Rowe replaced

Arteta made the first substitution in the match. Smith Rowe leaves in favor of Martinelli.

Ramsdale Parade!

Huge parade again from the English goalkeeper to bounce Dalot’s shot on his pole! Arsenal suffers, his advantage is hanging on the hair.

Ronaldo out of nowhere!

The Portuguese striker thinks he can afford a two-pivot call, but is immediately signaled in an offside position. VAR pictures show that it is played by a few centimeters.

Elanga bute sur Ramsdale

The red devils insist! On the right, Elanga places a cross shot, which the Arsenal goalkeeper embarks on with a new first-class intervention.


The Portuguese national team missed a penalty and sends the ball to the left post! After his usual momentum and small jump, Fernandes took Ramsdale on the wrong leg, so he missed the ball 2-2.

VAR confirms the penalty

What clumsiness Tavarese, which offers the equalizer Red Devils…

Penalty for Manchester United!

Tavares makes a corner with his hand on the surface, a penalty!

The rhythm dropped

After the first act in a somewhat insane intensity, the match started again at a much less significant pace. Manchester United can no longer get past the halfway line.

The jacket doesn’t fit either

Unbalanced and without a solution Saka tries the shot from a distance without conviction. This goes far beyond the Mancun goal.

Tavares unscrews

Tavares, whom Nketiah manages to the left of the surface, makes a big trick before hitting a hard right. The ball flies to Emirates Stadium.

Fernandes hit

The Portuguese creator of the game is holding back, but in the end he is able to quickly get his place without harm. The referee gives a signal to the game.

11 shots on each side

Proof that this shock is very balanced, both teams have already hit 11 times. It is Arsenal who has more shots on the goal (6-3) and more possession (63%).

Arsenal is on the offensive

The Gunners want to drive in and push on. Tavares cross from the left side with a cross for the goal.

And it’s in the Emirates again!

Arsenal starts the second half. No change to report.


Arsenal leads the break in this very lively match 2: 1! Tavares started the Gunners at the start of the game before Saka doubled the lead. Ronaldo polished his comeback by closing the gap step by step. Everything remains to be done in this intense encounter.

De Gea stands firmly on his feet

Odegaard uses his chances in front of the opponent’s territory. He is axial and De Gea pushes him back from his fists. The pace of this game is still high.

Such lights

A big blow from Telles from a close angle that worries Ramsdale. A new beautiful show from the Arsenal goalkeeper.

ramsdale rushes

Another risky intervention by the Arsenal goalkeeper at his feet. He releases the harmless ball directly into contact.

5 extra minutes

A long VAR intervention before Arsenal’s penalty justifies this extended added time.

Jackets in all the right movements

The English national team tries to combine with Nketiah on the right, but loses the ball. Most of Arsenal’s offensive goes through his side.

Ronald’s emotional celebration

The Mancunian attacker thought of his recently born son after he closed the gap.

Ramsdale solid in the air

New corner for Manchester United from the left. Fernandes heads to the far post, the London goalkeeper flies to catch the ball.

Elneny asked De Gea!

The Egyptian midfielder fires with a sudden blow from the right side. De Gea is forced to make a great horizontal so that he can deviate into the corner.

no rest

This encounter goes in all directions with these two goals in quick succession and the ball floating between the two camps at high speed.

100th goal in the Premier League for CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo has just scored his 100th goal in the Premier League. He became the fourth player to cross this bar in two of Europe’s top 5 championships.


Ronaldo closes the gap, what a symbol! On the left, Matic went to the penalty, where Ronaldo appeared between Gabriel and Tavares, before deceiving Ramsdale with a perfect half-volley!


Saka took justice and turned the penalty by taking De Geu on the wrong foot, Arsenal goes to break!

Such warned

The party is reaping a logical warning for this mistake behind Sak’s back.

Penalty for Arsenal!

Goal canceled for offside, but a penalty was awarded to Gunners for Telles’ attack on Sak!

VAR in progress!

Offside position and possible punishment are considered! Mr. Pawson will check the footage before making a decision.


Arsenal is already taking a break! A great one or two between Odegaard and Saka, who then found Nketiah at the border offside on penalties. Alone in front of the goal, the center striker deceives De Gea in complete relaxation.

Sak’s answer

Saka took advantage of the dubious alignment and is served in the middle of the lime without being offside and facing De Ge. His violent shot is discouraged by the Spanish goalkeeper with a firm hand.

Dalot broke the bar!

Great heat for Ramsdale… During a distant and strong blow, Dalot deceives the Gunners goalkeeper, only his crossbar saves him.

Cedric close corrective

The party inadvertently touches the ball with his hand during a defensive intervention in the immediate vicinity of his penalty area …

Ronaldo takes his chances

At a difficult angle on the right side of the area, Ronaldo turns quickly and tries a hard shot. It’s above Ramsdale’s goal.

Arsenal Ball Champion

The Gunners have 63% possession of the ball after 20 minutes. 4 shots to 3 for United, who scored only once.

Odegaard naughty

A good free kick for Arsenal about twenty meters from the opponent’s goal. Odegaard crossed the wall, but his ball didn’t hit enough.

The red devils insist

The third corner for guests. It doesn’t do anything, Gunners can start from behind.

Elang’s ride!

Great fall from Elanga on the right, launched CR7, which falls into the area at the end of its impressive acceleration. But no mistake for Tavares, he still caught up.

The Red Devils are in a hurry

Good return from Ronald to get the ball in his camp. But it’s too quickly returned to the Gunners, who are pushing high.

Big fear for Ramsdale

The London goalkeeper completely misses the recovery and immediately returns the ball in the axis of Fernandes. Which took his chance right in front of Gabriel, who knocked him out.

Jackets on the ground

The young English winger remains on the ground and seems to be suffering. The game continues after a few seconds of swimming.

Very nice gesture Emirates Stadium

The 7th minute of the game London Stadium warmly applauded Cristian Ronald alias CR7, who recently lost his son at birth.

Ramsdale wins over Elang!

Perfectly started by Ronald in depth and Elang attacks Ramsdale slightly off center on the right. The goalkeeper sets off with a very nice corner intervention. Lindelöf does not worry about that.

Arsenal made a hole

Thanks to this goal in his first offensive, Arsenal has a temporary six-point lead over his opponent today. But there is still time for the Red Devils.


Tavares’ first goal with Arsenal after a few seconds of play! Varane and Telles pass through the center from Smith Rowe. The ball returns to Sak, who hits De Gea. Tavares follows well and ends up in an empty goal.

watch gabriel

Dalot sends a deep ball to Fernandes. Despite the slip, Gabriel interrupted the ball and strikes.

Let’s go between Arsenal and Manchester United!

The Red Devils kick off this shock, a good game for everyone! Emirates Stadium respected a minute of applause in memory of Steve Rowley.

Entry of both teams

Twenty-two players will appear on the Emirates’ lawn under the London sun, minutes from the duel between 5th and 6th in the Premier League.

Ten Hag is already preparing a transfer window

Future Manchester United coach Erik Ten Hag would like to bring in his former Ajax player Frenkie De Jong with a 2026 contract with FC Barcelona.

Manchester United no longer loses in London

The Red Devils remain defeated in 13 consecutive matches in London (8 wins, 5 draws). But their last defeat in the capital, which dates back to January 2020, was on the Emirates turf (0-2).

Last top 4 hopes for the Red Devils

Sixth place in the Premier League with 54 points and one match over Tottenham (4th, 57 points, +18) and …