Winter is coming: Colder weather is forecast for southwest WA

From Monday, WA southwest is expected to be hit by heavy rainfall and possible storms as a number of cold fronts move over the region.

People in the southwest can expect much colder weather during the week, with temperatures dropping to medium to high teenagers.

“Accumulated precipitation from Monday to Thursday morning can be up to 20-45 mm in areas near the coast between Geraldton and Albany with isolated totals of up to 60 mm,” said Jessica Lingard, a meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology.

In addition, from Monday to Wednesday, Gascoyne, Goldfields, Central Wheatbelt, South Interior and Eucla identified an increased risk of fire as warm north winds penetrated these regions.

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Monday: 29C, partly cloudy

Tuesday: 21C, partly cloudy

Wednesday: 20C, partly cloudy

Thursday: 21C, partly cloudy

Friday: 21C, mostly sunny

Saturday: 23C, sunny

Sunday: 25C, sunny