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The recovery of the Wests’ Tigers and the good mood at CommBank continued on Saturday night with a second consecutive one-point excitement, which ended with a man whose seat in his side was interrogated seven days ago.

“This time it’s Luke Brooks, it’s a dream,” Dan Ginnane told the Fox League.

An attempt to top the field less than two minutes before the end by Damien Cook led to a random offside that gave the Tigers a complete set, and unlike last week against Eels when Jackson Hastings finished, Brooks placed one pointer. for winning 23-22 over South Sydney.

MATCH CENTER: Wests Tigers vs. teams South Sydney Rabbitohs, score

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Rewind six days, coach Michael Maguire was under pressure, Luke Brooks was slandered, and the Tigers didn’t win and looked down at the barrel of six defeats in a row to start the season.

And in six days, the popular cellar dwellers for 2022 defeated Parramatta and the Souths by one, both of the top four.

Brooks’ 70-meter sprint seemed to give Rabbitohs a 10-point difference, but Keaon Koloamatangi’s attempt equalized to 22.

Nevertheless, the number of assembly errors and the number of Rabbitohs injuries eventually cost visitors significantly. The Souths finished with 16 mistakes to three, more than 14, which averaged the entire season, and finished only 67%.

Jackson Hastings’ stewardship once again released the now-eighth Brooks now the Tigers, who played a minimum time for the dummy-half and dropped a few mistakes, but like last week in a one-point victory over Parramatta, he looked far away. more relaxed.


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From a sinner to a saint in 10 fast minutes 00:55

A great trick from extreme defender Daine Laurie, who prepared David Nofoalum for the first attempt of the evening to play five in the last five games on the field and finish with a double.

During that, the Souths lost Taane Milne’s centers to a late hit that effectively reduced the Souths to 15 with Hame Sele concussion minutes ago, the first of many injuries for the Souths that left them with only 14 fit men at one stage.

The Souths ran for two attempts when Milne was off the field, but the Tigers answered with one of theirs and secured them a half-time lead while Alex Twal was in the basket.

The pivotal moment was Campbell Graham’s break in the first half, which was eventually distracted by substitute hooker Jacob Liddle when he defeated Lachlan Ilias and completed what seemed like a certain attempt.

“It was an incredible passage,” Greg Alexander said at Fox Station. “That was one of the big chases from Jacob Little to mow Lachlan Ilias a meter in line.”

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Jackson Hastings showed another stellar performance for the Tigers in the role of half-defender, which culminated in a second victory in the field.

Only in his second match in seventh place did Hastings look at home, manage his teammates and be the organizer that the Tigers so desperately needed at the beginning of the season.

Against Eels, Hastings was the key to victory and showed again why Maguire placed his trust in him to dominate the party after the last victory over the next title candidate.

Coach Tigers traded Luke Brooks and Hastings in hopes of unlocking his player’s awning run, but also discovered a toy gun.

At half-time, Fox League commentators made a few preliminary remarks as the Tigers managed to win their second game of the season.

“The way this man is going, the way he drives the Tigers around you, has no doubt that he will keep the lead,” Dan Ginnane said.

“After performing against Eels on Easter Monday, it was another incredible performance by Jackson Hastings,” said Greg Alexander.

“He’s lining up his team, telling them where to go and what to do, and the Tigers have been missing, so he holds the keys to the Tigers’ victory, he needs a lot going on around him, but he’s a key man for the Wests Tigers.”

Fellow game creator Luke Brooks praised his partner and explained how his leadership allowed the Tigers to break free from form drop.

“He’s just taking control and leading the team around, which is natural in him, he’s a natural leader,” Brooks said.

“It relieves the pressure on me and it just allows me to come when I want the ball, and I think it was huge for me, so I can’t thank him enough.”

A panel of Fox League experts also praised Hastings and explained that they were surprised that he unlocked Brooks so quickly.

“Did we expect Hastings to unlock Brooks as much as he did?” Braith Anasta asked.

“In short, the answer is no, but when you look at Hastings’ career, he did a hell of a job at Salford, played in big games and big moments, and the way he introduced himself to Tigers fans was great. “Crank said.

Hastings: Brooks wanted a shot 01:08


After five rounds of the 2022 season, it would be easy for Luke Brooks to fall apart.

The creators of Tigers came under pressure from all angles, and many believed that the fusion club had no answers.

Michael Maguire, in a last-ditch attempt to revive his side, swapped the positions of Brooks and Hastings in the roles of the creators of the game, once the half-defender was suspended for a dangerous intervention.

The pressure on delivery increased again, and Maguire’s work was said to be his turn.

The Tigers managed to win the last goal from the field over high-flying eels on Easter Monday, with Jackson Hastings as the hero.

Luke Brooks was next Saturday night.

Brooks stepped in when his team needed it most, shrugged the outside noise, and set a perfect goal from the field that flew over the black dot to overthrow the Rabbitohs, proving that the Tigers Easter victory was no accident.

It wasn’t Brooks’ only major game.

Before the 27-year-old took the lead, he picked up the released ball and ran 70 meters, burning the pursuers Rabbitohs.

After that moment, Fox Alexander’s Greg Alexander emphasized how overwhelmed he was when he saw that Luke Brooks’ attitude remained positive.

“We’ve seen players under pressure throughout the game’s history, but Luke Brooks, the pressure that was applied to him in the first five rounds, I felt with him,” said Greg Alexander.

“I thought I didn’t know how he got into training with a positive attitude to get into the next week, everything seemed to be on his shoulders and changing the number seems to be doing the trick.”

Brooks was clearly relieved to record two wins, but he couldn’t stand all the praise.

“Yes, I feel good, it was a difficult start, but the last two matches really showed who we are,” Brooks said.

“I have to pack Jack (Hastings), I’ve been under a lot of pressure, I’ve been coming to the game for the last two weeks with a feeling of calm, so I’m kind of enjoying football boots again.”

Fox League experts praised Brooks in post-match coverage.

“I haven’t seen Luke Brooks like this for a long time, Benji,” Braith Anasta said.

“The fact that he had the confidence to go out and play football and not worry about side control helps him,” said Benji Marshall.

“When I saw him talking after the match and talking about his feelings, he didn’t really talk like that, and I don’t think he’d ever say it was hard in the last few weeks, but it would be hard.”

Luke Brooks became a hero in the Tigers’ victory over the Rabbitohs. (Photo by Mark Kolbe / Getty Images) Source: Getty Images


Rabbitohs Campbell Graham gave a strong performance at the perfect time.

Latrell Mitchell’s injuries left a vacancy on the brink, and many candidates performed well in hopes of asserting their claim.

Siosifa Talakai, Stephen Crichton and Kotoni Staggs all gave their names, but Campbell Graham’s efforts on Saturday night caught the attention of NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler.

With half an hour to go, Fox Hooper James Hooper praised Graham from the sidelines.

“Bunnies flyer Josh Mansour scored, but it was this Man Campbell Graham in the lead who was absolutely excellent tonight on the right edge of South Sydney,” Hooper said.

“124 meters, two outages, two unloadings, line breaks, line break assistance.

“He was in everything.”

The 22-year-old constantly threatened the defense of the right edge of the Tigers and was the Rabbitohs’ most powerful offensive threat all night.

After 80 minutes, Graham recorded 180 running meters, two lunges, two outages, a line break and line break assistance.

Meanwhile, on the defensive, Graham was almost perfect, performing 23 interventions and missing 1.

Defense will be a huge factor when it comes to Brad Fittler, who chooses his Origin team, with the most powerful and dangerous backlinks reserved for the state on the state showcase.

What makes Campbell Graham even more interesting as the prospect of Origin is the man in it, who also delivered when it was most important to the Souths.

Keaon Koloamatangi has been promoted to the Blues in the past and could be played one position ahead with Roosters star Angus Crichton and Dragons veteran Tariq Sims fighting for form.

Fittler is a fan of picking couples who have created …