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Werder Bremen starting eleven: The line-up against Schalke 04 is here!

Bremen – SV Werder Bremen is very concerned about defense before the top match at FC Schalke 04. After the failures of Miloš Veljkovič (muscle fiber tearing), Ömer Toprak (calf) and Christian Große (Corona), coach Ole Werner has to rebuild his basic eleven. This is what the line-up against Schalke might look like.

Update (April 9, 12:30): Now there is the SV Werder Bremen line-up – Anthony Jung and Nicolai Rapp are starting next to Marc Friedl! The entire basic eleven is available on the live ticker of the Werder Bremen match against FC Schalke 04!

Continuation of the previous text: This time not much happened on the spectator steps at the final training of SV Werder Bremen, but one fan did not miss the opportunity on Friday afternoon and had a special report ready. As the pros left the field and stomped back to the stadium, one man’s choir sped off. “Come on, win, this is your game,” he shouted at an impressive volume toward the team. Almost frightened, the players looked at the caller, they really did not expect it. So the cheerleader could be heard – but if his screams work, it won’t be seen until Saturday. After that, Werder has to play the absolute top of the 2nd league on the leader FC Schalke 04 (13:30 on the live DeichStube ticker). And again with some lineup changes.

Bremen Werder line-up against FC Schalke 04: basic eleven with modified emergency defense

It has long been clear that Ömer Toprak will be absent from SV Werder Bremen. Miloš Veljkovič’s failure was already certain. But when the Bremen footballers had just started training, the club also announced Christian Große’s coronavirus infection and his latest disregard. Marco Friedl is therefore the last remaining member of the three-member chain, next to him he must improvise the starting eleven against Schalke 04. There should have been much better marks for such an important duel in the promotion.

The most likely solution for the starting eleven against FC Schalke 04 is a solution with a great rhythm of the game and a small willingness to experiment. Instead of bringing in the recently weak Lars Lukas Mai, head coach Ole Werner is likely to withdraw two of his players, Anthony Jung and Nicolai Rapp, who have also been on the pitch a lot lately. And more importantly: they still know how to act in central defense. This eliminates the question of whether Mitchell Weiser or Felix Agu will take the wings – both should do it again, as they did against St. Pauli, when Jung was missing due to a yellow card. In the SV Werder Bremen team, there is still a place in the sixth place to be reassigned after the big end and Rapp-Rochade. Here the choice should fall on Ilia Gruev, who recently received significantly more playing time and may now be facing his biggest test to date.

Bremen Werder line-up against Schalke 04: Eleven starts probably again with Leonard Bittencourt

A recent home game against SV Darmstadt 98 has shown how difficult it is for the team to cope with so many changes in the base eleven. At that time, Werder Bremen also had to make significant defensive changes in the lineup and it was very difficult in the early stages. The game didn’t last long, instead it focused on security. That didn’t change until an early elimination against the Hessians caused a different distribution of roles on the field. In the end, Werder won 1: 0.

Niclas Füllkrug, who will attack next to Marvin Ducksch, reached the golden goal, although he recently experienced a small goal low. Behind them should be Romano Schmid and Leonardo Bittencourt in the opening eleven of SV Werder Bremen. The latter has not always done so well in the recent past and Niklas Schmidt is available as an alternative. It is rather unlikely that Ole Werner would work on this part of the axle in the lineup. Because Schalke also needs experience, and Bittencourt undoubtedly brings it with him. After all, more than 62,000 spectators watch the top match in the stands. It should be much louder than during the unmistakable fan interlude in the final practice. (mbü) Did you read that? RUHR24 informs what the basic eleven Schalke 04 could look like against Werder Bremen!

This is what the basic eleven of SV Werder Bremen against FC Schalke 04 could look like.

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