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Weekend weather: very harsh Saturday in the south

Cyril BONNEFOY, meteorologist Published 15. 4. 22, updated 22. 4. 22 at 17:22.

Your next weekend (Saturday, April 23 and Sunday, April 24) will be the opposite of Easter. Significant degradation will occur from the south. This could be the first real stormy degradation of the season with the possibility of bad weather in the southeast.

A new cold drop is isolated from Friday night on Saturday. After Friday’s calm, rain and storms will return to the south and quickly reach the regions north of the Loire.

Supervised Saturday: Heavy thunderstorm in the south

On Saturday, the degradation that took place on Friday night in the Pyrenees will hit the entire southwest in the morning with a potentially heavy storm rain. These heavy rains, interrupted by storms, will move towards the Mediterranean in the afternoon. Before the rain and storms, the south wind will blow strongly in the Rhône Valley and in the central massif. In the north, the weather will be unstable with occasional thunderstorms. The far northeast could remain without this instability under an east stream that dries up the air mass.

Sunday, the day of the election of the next president of the republic, the instability should be less pronounced than Saturday. Nevertheless, the sky from southwest to northeast will be very cloudy to overcast with frequent rain. The northwestern areas should experience a changing sky in the afternoon with occasional storm showers before the gentle glades return in the cooler sea air. A relatively strong wind will blow on the coast of Aquitaine with gusts around 70 km / h, and therefore it works very autumn.

Temperatures are falling on Sunday

On Saturday morning, lows will develop between 6 ° C on the Grand-Est due to relatively clear nights and 14 ° C on the shores of the Mediterranean. In the afternoon, highs will often show seasonal values ​​of 13 to 23 ° C. On Sunday morning, the lows decrease slightly with 5 to 13 ° C and the highs also fall with 11 to 18 ° C.

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