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Wearing a mask in a long-term high-risk environment in Ontario

In the face of the sixth wave that will hit the whole of Canada, Ontario is expanding the obligation to wear a mask in high-risk environments.

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The measure, which was due to be repealed on April 27, will therefore be in effect until June 11, so that the health system can recover from the last wave of COVID-19, said the provincial chief physician Dr. Kieran. Moore.

“Continuing to wear drapes and up-to-date vaccinations against COVID-19 are the best ways to prevent transmission and protect our friends, families and communities,” said Dr. Moore.

He also mentioned in an interview with Global News that the measure could be repealed before June 11, if the situation allows.

Remember that in Ontario, it is currently mandatory to wear a veil only in places with a high risk of transmission, such as public transportation, hospitals, and long-term care centers.

Prime Minister Doug Ford and Secretary of Health Christine Elliot have repeatedly stated that the government will follow the recommendations of Dr. Moora.