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watch live the second round and announce the results

After Mass at 7 am in the church of La Bretagne in the heights of Saint-Denis, Ulysse (58) and Nancy (52) came to “fulfill their civic duty.” For this farmer, the day began much earlier. He got up at 2 o’clock in the morning to pick up 500 bundles of “zoinion vert” (green onions) and washed them so that he could deliver them to the wholesaler. When choosing his constituent, Ulysses is categorical. He wants “change.” His wife shares his beliefs and assures him that they both “hate Macron,” like many National Assembly voters. “We have to give the Marine a chance,” Nancy begs. See how he rules. Anyway, it’s only for five years and the worst is not possible. People criticize her, but they don’t know why. Because she never ruled.

Ulysse criticizes the outgoing president for the gradual introduction of retirement at the age of 65: “I started working in 1985. It’s hard work. I thought I would finish at 60. It won’t be possible there. “A farmer specializing in market gardening and spices voted for Marine Le Pen in the first round in 2017 before electing Emmanuel Macron.” I changed at the last minute. “I changed too much. “He listened to people who said she was dangerous. I took off my pants,” he laughs.

Ulysses also complains about “taxes”. “When we look at our network, there is not much left at the end of the month. However, working days are long. The couple also criticizes the government for managing the health crisis. “He gave out too much money. A lot of lazy people took advantage of that. Some didn’t deserve help, “Ulysse and Nancy think. The farmer does not think Marine Le Pen’s face will appear on TV screens tonight: “She has little chance of being elected president. But if he still gets a high score, he makes Macron think.