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Warringah candidate Katherine Deves says she was threatened with death because of offensive social media posts

The controversial Liberal candidate broke her silence over insulting social media contributions that referred to the transgender community and Nazism, and revealed that she had been threatened with death for her comments.

Key points:

  • Katherine Deves told SBS she was threatened with death for insulting social media posts
  • The Liberal candidate for Warringah claims that she was “reprimanded” by the reaction to the comments.
  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison continues to stand behind his captain

Katherine Deves was picked up by Prime Minister Scott Morrison to fight for the once-blue Warringah headquarters after a bitter pre-election battle in New South Wales.

Since then, she has had to apologize twice for the now-deleted posts on Twitter, in which she likened her pressure to stop transgender people in women’s sports competitions to stand up to the Nazis, calling transgender children “surgically crippled and sterilized” and declaring surrogacy. . it was a “human rights violation”.

Mrs. Deves has been avoiding the media for weeks, but said in a four-minute interview with SBS on Sunday night that she was afraid for her safety.

“I received death threats, I had to involve the police and AFP,” she told SBS.

“My safety has been compromised. My family is away from Sydney because I don’t want them to witness what I’m going through, nor do I want their safety to be compromised.”

When asked to reflect on the controversy caused by her comments, Mrs Deves said she was “reprimanded” by the reaction.

Ms Deves appeared in a 4-minute interview on SBS News and said she would behave “with dignity and respect” from now on. (SBS News)

“I recognize that trying to pursue arguments on complex, nuanced and difficult topics … should not take place on a platform that promotes insult, division and harm,” she said.

“I will behave with dignity and respect in the future.

“I acknowledge that the way I have pursued these arguments has not led to a proper and reasonable debate.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison offered the unwavering support of Mrs Deves, whose comments angered moderate liberals and said she should not be “silenced” for expressing her views.

“The problem fundamentally affects women and girls in sports,” he said.

“Katherine Deves commented on her previous remarks.

“And he knows a sensitive approach is needed in the future.”

At the same media conference, the candidate for the Senate for the Northern Territory, Jacinta Price, offered a strong defense of Mrs. Deves.

“Being professional women is not anti-trans when it comes to me,” she said.

“I have been the captain of several AFL football teams here in Central Australia.

“I mean, the AFL girls are playing a hard hit here, but if you have to be against a guy, it’s potentially life-threatening.”

The coalition candidate for NT, Jacinta Price, supported Mrs. Deves’ position. (Supplied with: Facebook)

Ms. Price also likened Ms. Deves’s criticism to the experience of ethnic minorities.

“Let’s be right here, she’s from the North Beaches in Sydney, she’s a white Australian, but if we don’t stand up for someone like her and her status, then the voices of other women – marginalized indigenous women, the voices of ethnic women dealing with their own cultural problems with patriarchal cultures – they don’t even have a say. “

Prior to closing the nominations on Thursday, Liberal Treasurer NSW – and leading moderate – Matt Kean called on Ms. Deves not to be supported, suggesting her comments could undermine the party’s chances of advancing positions in the state.