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Warren on McCarthy tapes: “Kevin McCarthy is a liar and a traitor”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Said Sunday that House Leader Kevin McCarthy of California “is a liar and a traitor” when he came under fire for sound recordings that showed he supported former President Trump’s resignation after 6. January 2021 attack on the Capitol.

The New York Times reported last week that McCarthy said during a conversation with House of Representatives leaders on January 10, 2021, that he thought Trump should resign. The leader of the minority called the reports “completely untrue.”

Soon after, however, the sound of the conversation was published, in which McCarthy made remarks that he had recently denied.

Asked Sunday’s response to the evolving situation, Warren criticized the minority leader and called the circumstances “outrageous.”

“Kevin McCarthy is a liar and a traitor. That’s outrageous. And it’s really a disease that is pervading the Republican leadership right now that they’re saying one thing to the American public and something else in private, “Warren told co-founder Dana Bash on CNN’s” State of the Union. “

“They understand that what happened, the attempt to overthrow our government, is wrong. And that Republicans instead want to continue trying to figure out how to make the 2020 election differently, instead of spending energy on how we are moving forward to build an economy to make this country work better for the people. who sent us to Washington. Shame on Kevin McCarthy, “she added.

Some Republican lawmakers knocked McCarthy out after the sound recordings were released, including representatives of Adam Kinzinger (Ill.) And Matt Gaetz (Fla.).

But McCarthy said on Friday that his relationship with Trump remained intact. The minority leader said he spoke to the former president twice that day and had a “good conversation” about the sound recordings.

He also stressed that “he never asked President Trump to resign” and “he never thought he should resign.”

In addition, Trump told The Wall Street Journal that he “did not like the conversation” McCarthy had made with his Republican counterparts, but said they were still in good shape.

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The sound recordings were made by Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns of the Times for their forthcoming book, “This Won’t Go: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future.”

The Hill turned to McCarthy for comment.