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War in Ukraine: Russia admits “Moscow” losses for the first time.

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Created: 24.04.2022, 14:14

Author: Richard Strobl, Patrick Mayer, Katharina Haase, Stephanie Munk, Christoph Gschoßmann, Fabian Müller


Zelensky says Mariupol continues to resist Russia. The pro-Kremlin channel briefly announced new numbers of victims from the Russian side. News.

  • Ukrainian conflict *: Pro-Kremlin source reports the number of Russian soldiers killed – and then deletes them again. Russia is also reporting losses in Moscow for the first time.
  • Zelensky claims that Russia wants to falsify the referendum on independence in the occupied territories.
  • Putin’s Defense Minister Shoigu announces the conquest of Mariupol. According to information from Kiev, the resistance continues. Putin accuses Kyiv of preventing surrender.
  • This report on the war in Ukraine is over. Current developments can be found here.

Update from April 23, 7:30: Russia has now admitted for the first time the losses of the sinking of “Moscow” (update from April 22, 21:30). According to the analysis, Valdimir Putin’s troops suffered heavy losses in the Battle of Mariupol (update of April 22, 21:04). You can read the latest news about the military events in the war in Ukraine in our new news ticker.

War in Ukraine: Zelenskyi responds to Russia’s goals

Updated April 22 at 11:50 p.m .: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky responded to Russia’s specification of his war goals. The area in which Russia should look after the rights of Russian-speaking people “is Russia itself,” Zelenskyj said in his video message every Saturday night.

On Friday, a senior Russian military official said that in the second phase of the war in Ukraine they wanted to conquer the Donbas in the east and south of the country and there is still access to Transnistria, where “oppression of the Russian-speaking population” was also noted. Russia uses this argument to justify its offensive war in Ukraine. Russian troops are stationed in the Transnistria region, which broke away from Moldova.

Zelenskyj added that there is no freedom of speech or freedom of choice in Russia. Poverty thrives and human life there is priceless. Russia’s statement also confirmed what he has said several times: “That the Russian invasion of Ukraine should be just the beginning and then they want to conquer more countries.”

Russia admits losses during the sinking of Moscow for the first time

Update, April 22, 9:30 pm: Russia has not yet mentioned any losses in the sinking of “Moscow” – until now. As reported by Russian Defense Ministry through news agencies, one person died when a warship crashed. 27 others are still missing. The remaining 396 crew members of the missile cruiser, which sank in the Black Sea on April 14, were rescued.

Western Institute: Heavy losses on the Russian side in the conquest of Mariupol

Update, April 22, 9:04 pm: Mariupol is almost completely destroyed – about 95 percent of the buildings. According to the analysis of the “Institute for the Study of War”, the Russian armed forces had to come to terms with heavy losses. The Ukrainian army has killed many Russian elite fighters and officers. Again and again it is said that the Ukrainians attacked from the reserve. At present, there are reportedly twelve weakened Russian battalions in Mariupol (700 to 1,000 soldiers in full force) and they are besieging a steel plant controlled by Ukrainians.

The Russian army is talking about normalizing the situation in Mariupol

Update from April 22, 20:02: According to Russian information, the situation in the eastern Ukrainian port of Mariupol, which was badly damaged by the fighting, has returned to normal. “Residents of the city have once again been given the opportunity to move freely on the streets,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenko said on Friday. The streets were cleared of debris and broken military equipment, the remains of Ukrainian fighters and “mercenaries from the USA and European countries” were “reliably” closed on the premises of the Azovstal steel plant. The report could not be checked independently.

According to Konashenko, a total of 39 military facilities were hit by Russian air and rocket attacks that day. Among other things, ammunition depots were destroyed, as well as troop camps, command posts and military convoys. Russian missile forces destroyed a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter and a Buk-type air defense system near the village of Barvinkove in the Kharkiv region. In addition, the Ministry of Defense announced that it had seized a larger ammunition depot in the Kharkiv region.

Putin: Kyiv is defending the surrender of Ukrainian troops in Mariupol

Update, April 22, 15:34: Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Kyiv of preventing the surrender of Ukrainian troops in the port city of Mariupol. “All soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, fighters of national battalions and foreign mercenaries who have laid down their arms have a guaranteed life, humane treatment in accordance with international law and quality medical care,” Putin said on Friday, the Kremlin said in a statement. phone call with EU Council President Charles Michel.

“But the Kiev regime does not allow this opportunity to be seized,” Putin said in a statement from the Kremlin. Moscow said on Thursday that the city, with the exception of the Azov steel industrial zone, is now controlled by Russian troops. Putin ordered the area closed.

A military plane of the Ukrainian Armed Forces crashed

Update from April 22 14:45: As reported by the Ukrainian media project NEXTA, a military plane of the Ukrainian Armed Forces crashed near the city of Zaporozhye. It is said to be Antonov An-26, a medium-sized transport aircraft.

According to initial findings, one person died and two other passengers survived the injuries. The cause of the collision is still unknown. NEXTA shared a photo of the destroyed plane on Twitter.

Russo-Ukrainian War: Moscow calls on the Mariupol Marines to surrender

Update from April 22, 1:30 pm: Moscow has again asked the remaining Ukrainian Marines in Mariupol to surrender. According to Russia, Russia is ready “at any time” for an armistice on all or part of the Azov steel complex in the Ukrainian port city. The precondition for a “humanitarian break” would be that Ukrainian associations hoist a white flag, the Russian Ministry of Defense said in Moscow on Friday.

The armistice should allow the Ukrainian fighters who settled there to surrender and evacuate civilians. The civilians could then decide whether they wanted to go to Russian or Ukrainian territory, Moscow said.

Russo-Ukrainian War: Britain trains Ukrainian soldiers on armored vehicles

Updated April 22, 1:05 PM: According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the United Kingdom is training Ukrainian soldiers in the use of British armored vehicles. “Several dozen” troops traveled to Britain last week to do so, a spokesman for Johnson’s British media said on Thursday night. They would learn to control 120 Mastiff, Wolfhound and Husky vehicles delivered to Kiev.

According to Johnson, other Ukrainian soldiers are trained in Poland to use air defense systems. The spokesman denied that Russia considered it a provocation and that the conflict could escalate. “What is clearly escalating are the actions of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and his regime,” he said. Britain has taken a leading role in arms supplies to Ukraine and in the training of Ukrainian troops, especially in anti-tank missiles.

Russo-Ukrainian War: 116 Marines killed in “Moscow”?

Updated April 22 at 12:30 PM: Hacker Attack? Random or deliberate message? It is not known. But: The newspaper Readovka, affiliated with the Kremlin, published an article about the losses among Russian soldiers. This has been deleted since then. According to the Ukrainian media project NEXTA, there were 13,414 killed and about 7,000 missing soldiers of the invading troops.

This would be in line with data provided by the Ukrainian armed forces in its latest update. The allegedly deleted Readovka article also brought the latest information about the crew of the allegedly sunk “Moscow”. Accordingly, 116 Russian Navy sailors were killed on the missile cruiser, and another 100 would be considered missing. Earlier, Moscow claimed that all 500 Marines had been evacuated.

The Russo-Ukrainian War: New Perspectives on Atrocities in Bucha

Updated April 22, 10:58 a.m.: New Perspectives on the Atrocities in Bucha: As reported by the United Nations (UN) on Friday morning (CET), 50 civilians were executed in a small town northwest of Kiev. After the withdrawal of Russian troops after the unsuccessful storm on the Ukrainian capital, numerous bodies were discovered on the streets.

The 64th Motorized Infantry Brigade is blamed by the Western and Ukrainian sides for alleged war crimes …