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Violent Johnny Depp? Amber Heard releases video evidence in the middle of the process, he frames it

After the broadcast during the hearing, Johnny Depp did not forget to re-frame the actress and her lawyer, stating that the video was made illegally and that the star Aquaman never revealed when she was on tour. “I had a bad time. I can’t remember what to do with it because I don’t have a date. It’s an illegally made video that goes very well with the rest of the shots and recordings she took. I find it interesting that she tried to hide from me that she shoots, and then she laughed and smiled at the end, ”he said first.

“If she was worried for her life, why didn’t she leave?”

But he didn’t just stay there. In his testimony, Johnny Depp recalled that he was not violent with Amber Heard. “I hit the lockers, but I didn’t hit Miss Heard, as you can see.” he said before adding, “If she was intimidated, why was she filming? If she was worried about her life, why didn’t she leave?”