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Verstappen’s victory, Leclerc’s bad intervention



Without too much tension, Max Verstappen won in a wheelchair in Imola in front of his teammates Sergio Pérez and Land Norris! With the best bike as a bonus. A big disappointment for Charles Leclerc, who made a big mistake and finished 6th.


Tour 62: Leclerc passe Tsunoda

Charles Leclerc easily overtook Tsunoda and advanced to 6th place.


Round 61: The podium takes shape

Behind Verstappen, who flies for victory, Sergio Perez and Lando Norris are well on their way to finishing on the crate. Charles Leclerc is seventh, 18 seconds behind Tsunoda.


Tower 59: the first raindrops are coming

After large black clouds over the circuit, the first raindrops arrived five laps before the finish.


Tour 57: Leclerc fights in the void

Monačan is starting to try to return, but he is too far away and is satisfied with 8th place.


Tour 53: Leclerc’s mistake!

After the bullying attack, Leclerc’s front wing is damaged and he returns to the pits! Big mistake for Monaco, who finished 8. Good operation for Norris (3rd) and Russell (4th).


Round 52: Best round for Leclerca

The return continues for Leclerc, 12 laps left. He points to Perez in a second.


Round 51: Perez follows Ferrari’s strategy

The Red Bull rider also stopped in the pits as Leclerc landed on Norris and approached Perez dangerously.


Round 50: Leclerc in the pits

Leclerc put on soft tires and was overtaken by Norris on the way out.


Round 48: Tsunoda accelerates

Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri) overtook Kevin Magnussen (Haas) in front of the box wall and finished 8th.


Tour 43: Leclerc seems to have secured the podium

With a lead of 23 seconds over Norris, Charles Leclerc is conveniently placed in third place. He could afford a pit stop. But the Monaco rider wants to keep the tires.


Round 41: Hamilton overtook Verstappen

The Brit quietly raises his leg and lets his big rival pass, which he alternates.


Round 39: Verstappen catches up with Hamilton

Great picture because Max Verstappen is very close to riding ahead of Lewis Hamilton, who is still 14.


Round 38: Top 10 in GP

Provisional top 10 of this GP: Verstappen, Perez, Leclerc, Norris, Russell, Bottas, Vettel, Magnussen, Tsunoda and Stroll.


Round 37: Leclerc recedes

Monachan is 2 seconds behind Perez, but he doesn’t seem to be able to overtake him at this point.


Round 34: Verstappen is always faster

The Dutchman has the best time again from Sergio Perez (1’20 “550), who is still struggling with Leclerc, who apparently lacks rhythm.


Round 31: Half time approaching

And still without rain, to the delight of the pilots who used the almost dry track.

1. Verstappen

2. Perez

3. Leclerc

4. Norris

5. Russell


Round 28: Verstappen has control

The fastest lap for the world champion (1’20 “686), still well established at the head of this GP, 7 seconds ahead of Perez and 8 ahead of Leclerc.


Round 25: Off Track for Schumacher

No consequences for the German, who leaves in 18th place in peace.


Round 25: Hamilton stagnates

Lewis Hamilton is fighting Pierre Gasly for 13th place. The difficult start to the season continues for Mercedes drivers.


Round 23: penalty for Ocona

Five seconds penalty for Ocon, penalized for a bad exit from the pits in front of Hamilton.


Round 22: Leclerc fastest lap

Still third, Leclerc finds himself sucking in Perez and has set the best lap at the moment. It’s less than a second from the Mexican.


Round 19: Verstappen and Leclerc in the pits

Drivers choose medium tires. Leclerc is in second place, but is eaten by Perez, who has warmer tires than Monaco.


Round 19: several riders in the pits

Russel, Hamilton, Ocon and even Bottas rush to the pits to change the tires.


Round 18: Leclerc very close

Charles Leclerc dangerously approaches Perez, who feels the breath of Monaco. The Red Bull pilot stops in the pits.


Tour 17: Ricciardo at the stand

2.6 seconds pit stop for Ricciardo, who leaves in the last position. We are also preparing the ground for his teammate Norris.


Round 16: Tires wear out

Max Vertappen explains on the radio that the track is starting to slide. The tires are starting to wear out as the rain is about to come.


Round 13: Leclerc approaches Perez

Charles Leclerc was behind the Mexican for two seconds, but he couldn’t get any closer. Verstappen is still in a big lead with the fastest lap.


Round 12: Russell gets rid of Magnussen

The Mercedes driver thought he had beaten Magnussen and finished 5th, but the Haas driver has problems. In the end, Brit takes the best.


Round 10: classification

Enter (best tour)

2. Perez

3. Leclerc

4. Norris

5. Magnussen

6. Russell

7. Bottas

8. Vettel

9. Tsunoda

10. Walk


Tour 8: Charles Leclerc overtook Norris!

Nice strategy from Monaco, who overtook Land Norris in the middle of the turn to shout tifosi. Behind Perez is three seconds and Verstappen six.


Round 7: Alonso leaves

The Spaniard’s single-seater car is damaged after a collision with Mick Schumacher’s car. He had to resign after the pit stop.


Tour 6: Hamilton 11e

Starting in 14th place, Brit has already won three places. The French are also returning, with Ocon 12th and Gasly 13th.


Round 5: the track dries out

While rain is reported in the next few minutes, some parts of the track appear to be dry.


Round 4: Ricciardo has a good start

Daniel Ricciardo, involved in Sainz’s rotation, was able to start again and is the last.

The end of the yellow flag, the race can speed up.


Round 3: Leclerc 4

Charles Leclerc started very badly and was overtaken by Perez and Norris. Ferrari’s hopes are now on his shoulders.


Round 2: no incident investigation

A hard blow for Sainz, who is already giving up. This is his second departure from two races.


Tour 1: Safety Car for Carlos Sainz

The Ferrari driver is still off the track after the first turn. Verstappen is ahead of teammates Perez and Land Norris.



Ferrari started badly and the Sainz are spinning! The Red Bulls are starting great!


Let’s go to the formation round

Traditional warm-up bike for 20 riders before 63 laps on the track. The Chinese Zhou will start as the last of the pits.


In the overall classification, Leclerc has a lead of 45 points

After three Grand Prix, the Monaco rider has a 45-point lead over Verstappen, who will start this Sunday with a lead.


Marco Verratti is present in Imola

Marco Verratti, just crowned French champion with PSG, is present to follow this GP.


Crowded grandstands

Regardless of the weather conditions, the stands are full a few minutes from the start.


In Imola, pride found in Ferrari tifosi

In the face of Ferrari’s great start to the season (two wins in three GPs), Scuderie fans are clearly dreaming of success at home this Sunday.

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Starting grid with Verstappen on the pole

After Saturday’s victory in the qualifying sprint, the reigning world champion Max Verstappen will start from pole position just ahead of Charles Leclerc and his Ferrari, who will play at home.

Note that Mercedes of Russell (11th) and Hamilton (14th) start far behind, as do the French. Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri) is 17th just behind Esteban Ocon (Alpine), 16.


Rainy day in Imola

The track promises the riders that it will be wet because it is raining in Imola.


Hello everyone

Welcome to this live commentary on watching the fourth Grand Prix of the season at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari circuit in Imola, Italy. Opportunity to see a great duel between Max Verstappen, the reigning world champion, and Charles Leclerc, the winner of two races this season, including the last one in Australia. The start of the race is scheduled for 15:00.