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++ Ukrainian War: Russia moves Iskander missiles to the border

  • Author: Daniel Dillmann


The war in Ukraine has been raging for more than two months. Russia is concentrating its attacks on the south of the country. Situation in the morning.

  • Attacks on Odessa: Russia has launched a missile attack on a city in southwestern Ukraine.
  • Diplomatic efforts: US sends officials to Kiev. The UN is trying to find a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian conflict.
  • Situation in the morning: All the events in the war in Ukraine on Sunday night in our new ticker.

+++ 9:09: Ukraine “repulsed numerous Russian attacks along the Donbas contact line”. The British Ministry of Defense informed about it on Sunday. Although the Kremlin can also report territorial gains, the resistance of the defenders in the war in Ukraine is everything but broken.

Update 7:55: Russia begins to move Iskander missile systems at the border with Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the Russian army has deployed Iskander-M short-range ballistic systems about 60 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Iskander-M class missile systems can be equipped with nuclear weapons. The missiles are fired from the vehicle. The range of the missiles is about 500 kilometers.

Ukrainian War: Russia has completed the transfer of troops – fierce fighting in the Donbas

First report: Kyiv – Russia has probably completed the transfer of troops from the front around Kiev. The Kremlin is now concentrating its attacks on the south and east of the country. Heavy fighting between Ukraine and Russia was reported from both regions at night.

Vehicles with Iskander-M in Moscow. Russia is now relocating such missile systems to the border with Ukraine.

© Anton Novoderezhkin / image

Russia reportedly fired for the first time at the port city of Odessa during the Ukrainian war. The city in the southwest has so far been spared attacks by the Russian army. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský, seven rockets were fired in Odessa on Sunday evening. Two managed to capture the city’s air defenses. One of the other missiles would, among other things, hit a multi-storey apartment building. A total of up to 20 people were injured in the rocket attacks on Odessa. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the attacks were aimed at a military airport in the area. The Russian military managed to destroy the logistics terminal through which Ukraine received “large shipments” of weapons from the United States and Europe.

The war in Ukraine: The situation in the morning – fierce fighting in Odessa, losses for Russia

Heavy fighting is also reported in the Donbas in eastern Ukraine. However, Russia seems to be suffering heavy losses there. According to the news portals Kyiv Independent and Ukrayinska Pravda, the Ukrainian air defense system in particular is celebrating great success. It is said that in the weekend she shot down four other Russian fighters. According to NATO estimates, Russia has now suffered the following losses in the war in Ukraine:

  • Soldiers: 21,600
  • Aircraft: 177
  • Helicopters: 154
  • Panzer: 854
  • Armored vehicles: 2205
  • Artillery: 403
  • Anti – aircraft guns: 69
  • Mobile rocket launchers: 143
  • Tankers: 76
  • Tactical drones: 182
  • Ships and boats: 8
  • Other vehicles: 1543

Ukrainian War: Situation on Sunday – Diplomatic efforts are underway

After a number of top European politicians, the US is now sending its top diplomat to Kiev. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin travel to the capital to meet Zelenský. According to Zelenský, the “list of necessary weapons and the speed of their delivery” will be discussed. He also hopes the US will support arms supplies from Germany. “To (Germany) start supplying what they have and what they don’t use.”

At the same time, efforts are being made over the weekend and Sunday to resolve the war in Ukraine in a peaceful way. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will travel to Moscow earlier this week to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Guterres also wants to meet Zelensky in Kiev. The aim of the trip is to agree on an armistice between the two parties. (dil / afp / dpa)

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