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Ukraine “asked Britain to buy weapons for 7 years, but was repeatedly rejected”

Ukraine has repeatedly called for arms from Britain for seven years, but three consecutive prime ministers have refused, according to reports.

Former Defense Minister Michael Fallon has accused successive governments of being reluctant to support Kyiv after the annexation of Crimea by Vladimir Putin in 2014.

While serving as former Prime Minister David Cameron, Mr Fallon said he had been told to turn down requests for help modernizing Ukraine’s defense, even though the Defense Ministry wanted to “do more.”

“We were overwhelmed and prevented from sending the weapons they needed in the cabinet,” the Fallon told the Sunday Times.

“Some in the cabinet had an extremely strong feeling that we should not do anything to further provoke Russia.

“I thought it was absurd.” The Russians needed no provocation. They were already there, sending people across the border. “

Former Secretary of Defense Michael Fallon has accused the United Kingdom of its reluctance to support Kyiv


Liam Fox, another Secretary of Defense under Mr Cameron, who spoke out in 2015 against the failure to arm Ukraine as a reserve MP, told the Sunday Times: “It was very clear what [Putin’s] the pattern of behavior was and it was quite clear that it would be Ukraine’s turn.

“It made no sense to say, ‘Well, we can’t give Ukrainians the ability to defend themselves in the event of Putin’s provocation.'”

The revelation comes when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanks Boris Johnson for currently training his army on British soil.

Johnson spoke with Mr Zelensky on Saturday afternoon to report on the Kiev conflict with Russia.

Spokesman 10 said: “President Zelensky thanked the Prime Minister for the training of Ukrainian military personnel currently taking place in the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in early April

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At a press conference in Kiev on Saturday, Mr Zelensky said he was “satisfied” with the level of military support from the United Kingdom.

He told reporters: “We want more than we were given, but we are satisfied.

“During the war, we cannot refuse or refuse anything from the largest military aid coming from the United States and the United Kingdom.

“There are many other friends in Europe, but I’m talking about a lot of help and I’m grateful for it.”

Russia has intensified fighting in the east, as several civilians were killed in Mariupol and Kharkov on Saturday, while the remaining civilians and Ukrainian troops in Mariupol defended the shelling of the Azovtal steel plant.

A government spokesman said the United Kingdom was at the forefront of the international response to Putin’s “special military operation” and had provided Ukraine with “unprecedented financial, military and diplomatic support.”