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Tyson Fury’s eyes wrestling and MMA, but the family suggests that a return to boxing is likely Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury’s claim that he will leave after Dillian Whyte’s knockout in Saturday’s sixth round was greeted skeptically by his family and bookmakers, believing he would be drawn back by the opportunity to become the undisputed champion.

After Fury retained his WBC title, Fury told reporters that he planned to become the second heavyweight champion after Rocky Marcian to retire without defeat – and his thoughts now focused more on the exhibition match with UFC heavyweight champion Francis. Ngannou and a return to WWE wrestling.

“I did everything I ever wanted to do,” Fury told reporters. “I will be the second heavyweight in history after Rocky Marcian, who leaves without defeat.” I have won every belt that can be won. If it was a computer game, it would definitely be finished. “

Under pressure to face the revenge winners of Anthony Joshua with Oleksander Uysk for heavyweight titles from the WBA, IBO, WBO and IBF this summer, Clark Gabl said, “I don’t care!” He insisted plans to fulfill his promise to his wife Paris that she will end.

However, Paris Fury believes that her husband will find it difficult to resist the chance to fight for all five belts. “I want him out now,” she said. “He has nothing more to prove.” For Tyson to continue boxing, it seems like only one reason, and I know in my heart that the only reason Tyson will return is to fight for unification. “

Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte exchange blows at Wembley. Tom Jenkins / The Guardian Pictures

Fury’s father, John, expressed similar feelings before Saturday’s competition and said, “If AJ can win, the Wild Horses couldn’t keep Tyson retired.”

This view is shared by bookmakers who shortened Fury to 4:11 on Sunday to take part in an officially approved match before the end of 2023 – and 2: 1 so as not to do so.

Meanwhile, Fury claims that next time he will probably enter the ring as a WWE wrestler at the SummerSlam in Nevada in July or in Cardiff in September. Fury, who first wrestled in Saudi Arabia in 2019, added: “You may see me at SummerSlam soon. I’d also like to be in Cardiff. The last time I enjoyed it was in Saudi Arabia. It was fantastic. We will be in touch and see if we can turn SummerSlam into reality. ”

Fury also insisted that he was willing to fight UFC champion Ngannou under special conditions in 2023: “He’s on my charts in an exhibition match, however he wants. In a cage, in a boxing ring, boxing gloves, UFC gloves, we can do it. I think everyone wants to see it, he’s a monster guy, I’m a monster guy, so it’s definitely going to be a clash of the titans. “

“I definitely do not rule out exhibitions; get some of Floyd Mayweather’s money. I want to have fun. I’m an entertainer. That’s what I do best. “