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Tyson Fury vs. duel results Dillian Whyte, Highlights: ‘Gypsy King’ thrills with a knockout at the top who keeps

Dillian Whyte has been waiting for years as the “next man” for the WBC Heavyweight Championship. Whyte’s opportunity finally came to London on Saturday night, and the dream opportunity turned into a nightmare when Tyson Fury ugly boxed him out before he was knocked out of the last seconds of the sixth round by a heavy cant.

Whyte tried to shuffle his jump game and stepped out in a southern paw position. Fury’s tactics didn’t seem to bother him too much, as the champion struggled with his ideal game plan, holding on to the outside and mixing punches and left hooks with lead on his body.

As Fury’s dominance increased, Whyte seemed frustrated, leading to several grips in which the heads collided and her elbows and rabbit fists were thrown. The referee lost control of the action in the 4th round because two heavy weights refused to obey his instructions to break.

As soon as the action returned to what was reminiscent of a boxing match, Fury immediately returned to exercising control with the advantage of range, forcing Whyte to take advantage of more opportunities at close range.

Fury’s stabbing eventually set the final moment in Round 6, following a point with a top right cut that stunned Whyte and sent him to fall on the screen. Whyte overcame the count, but when he tried to reach the referee, he still had no balance and tripped over the ropes, so the referee had no choice but to end the fight in 2:59 of the 6th round.

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“Listen, Dillian Whyte is a warrior,” Fury said after the fight. “I believe he will be world champion. But I am one of the greatest heavyweights of all time and unfortunately for Dillian he had to stand up to me here tonight.”

The top cut was similar to a shot by Alexander Povetkin, who put Whyte to sleep in their 2020 competition. Whyte would return to avenge the loss, but he probably won’t get the chance, as Fury’s next move would probably be a four-belt unification – or departure. to the retirement he promised again after the fight.

“You know, I promised my dear wife it would be after the match with Wilder 3, and I meant it,” Fury said. “But I got an offer to fight at Wembley at home and I believed I deserved and owed it [to the fans]. Now it’s all over. I have to keep my word and I think this is it. This may be the last curtain for the Gypsy king. “

Elsewhere on the card, Ekow Essuman took care of the trade against Darren Tetley for a unanimous victory. Nick Ball defeated Isaac Lowe before the referee entered the sixth round and stopped the match. And Fury’s half-brother Tommy returned to the event to deal with Daniel Bocianski’s decision over the course of six rounds.

CBS Sports was with you all the way on Saturday night, so be sure to follow the live scores and highlights below.

Fury vs. Fighting Card Whyte, results

  • Tyson Fury (c) def. Dillian Whyte in the sixth round of TKO
  • Ekow Essuman def. Darren Tetley by unanimous decision (117-111, 116-112, 116-112)
  • Nick Ball def. Isaac Lowe in the sixth round of TKO
  • David Adeleye def. Chris Healey in the fourth round of TKO
  • Tommy Fury def. Daniel Bocianski according to the referee’s decision (60-54)

Fury vs. Whyte, live broadcast

Fury (c) 1010101010TKO 50Whyte99999 45