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Tyson Fury vs. Dillian Whyte: Gypsy King retains WBC title at Wembley and vows to leave

Fury remains undefeated in 33 games on the Whyte floor

WBC champion Tyson Fury made a stunning one-shot stop in the sixth round when he beat his British colleague Dillian Whyte, and then insisted on ending boxing.

Fury took control of what was a fragmentary match, and then unleashed a cruel upper right edge.

Whyte got to his feet admirably during the count before staggering to the referee when the fight was stopped.

“This may be the last curtain for a gypsy king,” Fury said after the fight.

He later added: “I spent a lot of time traveling. I was away for a long time. I did everything I ever wanted to do.

“I’m retiring as the second heavyweight in history, after Rocky Marcian, to leave undefeated. I was invincible in this game.”

Fury – who also kept his belt in Ring Magazine – is undefeated in 33 games, while Whyte – who suffered a third defeat in 31 games – fell behind in his first attempt at a world title.

If Fury decides to hang his gloves, the 33-year-old will lose the opportunity to fight for the undisputed crown – a fight that could be staged later this year – and a chance to consolidate his status as Britain’s biggest heavyweight.

“I promised my wife it would be after [Deontay] A wilder match, “he added.” But I got an offer to fight at Wembley and I owed it to the fans. What a way to go out. ”

Whyte had no answer to Fury’s strike force

The record crowd is witnessing Fury’s biggest blow

With 94,000 fans – a post-war British record – there was an electrifying atmosphere like no other in the match, which some called the biggest All-British heavyweight in history.

Boos erupted around the iconic stadium when the pumped-up Whyte let out his typical wolf howl before going to the ring.

Fury’s ring walk was extravagant. It started with Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’, soon changed to Notorious BIG’s ‘Juicy’ and ended up with Kings of Leon’s ‘Sex on Fire’. Fury then sat on the throne as the fireworks whipped up into the sky before heading for the ring.

As the two men touched their gloves, he towered over Whyt. Fury teased before the fight that he could switch to Southpaw and neutralize Whyte’s dangerous left hook, but surprisingly it was Whyte who came out as Southpaw in a shabby opening round.

Then it was Fury’s turn to switch from Orthodox in the second while the battle for the mind continued, with the champion overcoming the initial two rounds.

He landed a solid combination of two strokes in the third, which forced Whyte to attack his opponent. But the challenger could not get close to Fury, who used his height and range advantage to keep Whyte in check as the fight continued.

The competition took off in a spicy fourth round. Whyte joined in when asked to interrupt, which clearly upset Fury.

The fighters twice received a report from Mark Lyson when the referee tried to control two men who boast a combined weight of 37 stones.

Whyte’s telegraphic rights came nowhere near the elusive Fury, who easily joined.

Then came probably Fury’s biggest blow to what turns out to be a famous career. He slammed it with his left stab, and as Whyte stepped forward, Fury whipped in a brutal upper cut.

Whyte fell back on the screen. He directed the spirit of the warrior he had spoken of before the fight, but when he got to his feet, he was clearly not in a position to continue.

Fury celebrates with his wife Paris and his team

Fury insists on wearing gloves

Fury, as expected, picked up the microphone and, after winning the ring, entertained the fans with his own performance of ‘American Pie’.

It was a song that ended the perfect homecoming party for a Morecambe fighter who boxed in the United Kingdom for the first time since 2018.

He said before the match it would be his last. That boxing at Wembley had reached its peak.

Many in the sport have taken these comments with a touch of skepticism – something he has said several times – but Fury seems to be keeping his word.

His compatriot Anthony Joshua is likely to match the Ukrainian WBA, IBF and WBO champion Oleksandra Usyk again this summer.

The temptation to fight the winner for all belts – and the lucrative nature he brings, especially if Joshua wins – could only tempt Fury to halt his plans to retire.

Tyson Fury made a dramatic accession to the throne before Dillian Whyte stood up

Career of peaks and falls

But when it’s over, it’s a remarkable career for a man who, at a height of 6 feet 9 inches and 19 stones, has the ability to slide on a ring reminiscent of an elegant dancer. Its style is unrivaled due to its size.

He is a boxer who narrowly beat John McDermott for points for the English title in Brentwood, becoming the united world champion, shocking longtime champion Wladimir Klitschke in Germany in 2015.

The boxer, who returned from the sport after more than two and a half years and regained the heavyweight title, broke America and shared probably one of the greatest trilogies in the sport with Deontay Wilder.

He entertained the journalists by disguising himself as a bat man or sticking a kiss on his tape at media conferences. Fury even had time to get involved in the scripted world of professional wrestling.

In the second arrival of his career, Fury spoke openly about mental health problems and became their advocate.

But his career has no shortage of controversy. Shortly after his first World Champion title, Fury made homophobic and sexist remarks during the interview.

He had previously tested positive for a banned steroid – something he accused of eating an uncastrated wild boar – and later admitted that drinking and drugs helped manage depression.

Recently, his fight with Whyt was somewhat overshadowed by Fury’s connection to Daniel Kinahan, who was among the seven people affected by global financial sanctions by the United States earlier this month.

Fury had previously been advised by Kinahan, but this week he insisted that he was “absolutely zero” with Ir.

It was a career full of ups and downs. But despite his retirement, seeing the Gypsy King back in the ring – with the potential opportunity to consolidate his position as the greatest British heavyweight in history – is quite possible.

What’s next with Whyt?

Apart from a few months after the defeat with Alexander Povětkin in 2020, which he then avenged, 34-year-old Whyte has been a mandatory challenger for the WBC belt since 2017.

“Dillian is a warrior and I believe he will be world champion,” Fury said as they hugged after fighting Whyt.

“One of the biggest and unfortunately he had to fight me tonight. You’re not playing with an average heavyweight, but with the best man on the planet.”

Since his first defeat in his career with rival Joshua in 2015, Whyte has demonstrated his worldwide recognition by winning over those like Joseph Parker and Povetkin. It is still a great attraction in sports.

Retaliation with rival Joshua if he loses to Usyk is easy to sell and can captivate the imagination of boxing fans.

Time will tell what the future holds for Whyte, but the night belonged to Fury – one of, if not the greatest British heavyweight of all time and a future Hall of Famer.