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Tyson Fury retained the WBC World Championship title by stopping the referee

The gypsy king remains king. Due to his reach, Tyson Fury ended his fight against Dillian Whyte with a terrible raid that sent him to the ground. The referee quickly announced the end of the fight against Whyte, who was trying to regain his senses and balance.

Intelligent, Fury was not flashy, but from the first minutes he controlled the fight. Whyte never found a solution or managed to cover the distance given by Fury until this increase came from elsewhere in the sixth round.

Lightning fast upper

Until then, the 94,000 spectators who traveled to Wembley remained somewhat dissatisfied. Put it on Fury’s perfect leadership, which highlighted Whyte’s shortcomings. The latter started a fight with his left hand, but his opponent was not disturbed. He tried, but he could never break Fury’s guard or get close enough to inflict a painful blow.

Champion, he didn’t try to do too much. He succeeded until the final opening. The upper ran at lightning speed without touching the tip of Whyte’s chin perfectly. But Fury weighs 120 pounds and Whyte was gasping for breath. It was too much.

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