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Tyson Fury is “happy” with the decision to retire, but focuses on Francis Nganna at the “Clash of the Titans” exhibition | Boxing news

Tyson Fury leaned forward into the microphone and barely paused to breathe as he continued to play his resume in boxing recognition, knocking out Dillian Whyte ahead of the European Games record of 94,000 fans at Wembley Stadium.

Two English titles, two British titles, two Commonwealth titles, Irish heavyweight title, European title, WBO intercontinental title, WBO International, WBO Super, WBA Super, IBF, IBO, Ring Magazine, Lineal, WBC, WBC Mayan II, WBC Global.

Dreamstroke, maybe headed for the Hall of Fame.

“I have won every belt that can be won,” he told reporters. “If it was a computer game, it would definitely be finished.”

Image: Fury celebrates victory at Wembley

It was his answer to his retirement questions, and Fury wanted to say that there was nothing else he could accomplish in the sport.

And that may be true, although the prospect of a reunification match against Anthony Joshua’s summer revenge winner with Oleksandr Usyk presents itself as appropriate “how could you resist?” end of his generational career.

For Fury, his retirement persists as a familiar, long-considered, peaceful temptation. Showman aside, he likes dad’s life, he likes married life, he is aware of maximizing life with his family; no one could blame him for putting it all first.

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Fury says he never experienced a Wembley-like atmosphere after winning over Dillian Whyt

“Before I fought Deontay Wilder 3, I was at my house in Vegas and I said (my wife) Paris ‘this will be the last fight, I don’t want to do it anymore’ and she said ‘yes, I’ m happy, let it be the last fight He told reporters.

“Then after the fight, I told her in the shower, ‘It’s definitely the last fight, it’s not anymore.’ I was happy with that decision.

“Frank (Warren) called me so we could get home at Wembley. I told Paris’ I have to go one more time, I have to take my shoes off again.”

“It was a difficult decision. I was happy to retire in Morecambe and go to the gym to watch Joe Parker and Tommy (Fury).”

Image: Fury kisses his wife Paris after beating Whyte

Should Saturday be the last farewell, Fury will embark on the sweetest and most disgusting sixth round to send a mandatory challenger Whyte in a competition that the WBC champion is running with the cunning of his own class.

The 33-year-old later admitted that he would be just as happy if he finished with a 12-point victory.

Speaking afterwards, he seemed to confirm his plans to retire before bringing UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou into the ring, as the pair sparked long talks about a mixed-rule clash. This opportunity was obviously more appealing than a future meeting with Joshua or Usyk.

“I said what I said, I am satisfied with my decisions, I will go home with my wife and my children, I have been away for a long time, I have fulfilled everything I ever wanted to fulfill,” he told reporters.

“I will retire as the second heavyweight in history to leave without a defeat after Rocky Marcian. The two-time world champion Ring Magazine, never a Ring Magazine holder in my era, was none in my era.

Image: Whyte falls to the screen on Fury’s huge right hand

“I definitely think so (that he will retire). I certainly do not rule out the exhibition, today was Big Francis Ngannou, he is on my chart in the exhibition fight, either in the cage, in the boxing ring, in boxing gloves, UFC gloves, we can make.

“He’s a monster guy, I’m a monster guy, so it’s definitely going to be a Clash of the Titans.”

He was under pressure again to face Joshua or Usyk, Clark Gabl quoted as saying, “I just don’t care!”

As for other acts, Fury did not rule out a return to the world of wrestling, such a range of opportunities lies at his feet.

“Maybe you’ll see me at SummerSlam soon. I need to talk to (WWE CEO) Vince (McMahon) and the boys, maybe it will happen,” he said. “I know there’s (wrestler) Drew McIntyre who said a lot about me, I have to knock him out, just like I did to his friend.”

By winning Saturday night, Fury improved his unbeatable record to 32-0-1 and entered another historic night, which contributed to his extraordinary return from the ring.