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The world boxing champion needs an explanation: Fury’s vague connection with the mob giant

The world boxing champion needs an explanation of Fury’s vague connection with the mob giant

Posted by Tobias Nordmann, April 23, 2022, 2:35 PM

Tyson Fury returns to the ring – and wants to leave as the winner. He wants to resign as an undefeated heavyweight boxing legend. But his (allegedly) last big show is overshadowed by reports of a close relationship with the mob boss.

The United States is looking for Daniel Kinahan (along with his father and brother) and is offering five million dollars for a key role in his arrest. Tyson Fury could add that. At least in February, the world boxing champion knew exactly where Northern Ireland was in Dubai. Well documented photo. Kinahan is considered one of the most powerful drug bosses in the world – and is closely associated with the boxing scene. The “Gypsy King” doesn’t like the fact that the mobster makes headlines, that he is closely related to the heavyweight boxer. The 33-year-old man likes headlines, but today they should be completely different: Fury is doing everything he can to support his fight against Dillian Whyte at Wembley tonight. It’s his last, he says. And he even becomes a gentleman for it.

Still, the story of the suddenly polite Tyson is not captured in public. Not a story about his last fight. Regardless of what Fury is trying to fool the London arena with 94,000 fans, after all the best-attended heavyweight matches since 1927 (by Jack Dempsey vs. Gene Tunney II), he has failed to rule out the unwelcome theme of Daniel Kinahan. The 44-year-old Irishman is considered the leader of one of the most powerful cartels in Europe, the Kinahan Organized Crime Group (KOCG). The United States imposed severe sanctions on him last week. Kinahan, who has always denied any wrongdoing, reportedly runs a well-connected syndicate accused by US authorities of drug smuggling, money laundering and violence against “the most vulnerable in society.”

Photo in February, indictment in April – Fury needs an explanation, particularly when the relationship between the boxer and the alleged mobster has a longer history. Fury now plays My Name Is Rabbit in the days before the fight. This is despite the fact that its famous promoter Bob Arum admitted last week that he paid Kinahan $ 2 million for each of Fury’s last four matches. Boxer says, “It’s Bob’s personal business. If he wants, he can spend anything on gummy bears. What anyone does with their money is out of my control.” If it was that easy…

“Many thanks to Dan”

Fury and Kinahan, this is no accidental acquaintance. What exactly it is is not known. But it is somewhere between friendship and partnership. Last year, the 33-year-old was drunk when a mega-duel was agreed between him and Anthony Joshua, which eventually failed. In June 2021, he announced via Instagram: “I am calling Daniel Kinahan. He has now informed me that the biggest match in British boxing history has just been held. Enter, boy!” The world heavyweight champion was thrilled: “Many thanks, Dan, for agreeing.” But Fury didn’t just give his fans the news they wanted to hear. He also revealed one of the darkest secrets of boxing.

In recent years, Kinahan has become one of the most powerful supporters on the scene. Ten years ago, he co-founded the management and promotional company MTK Global (originally called Macklin’s Gym Marbella, MGM) with former professional boxer Matthew “Mack the knife” Macklin. Since its inception, the agency has signed contracts with a number of top fighters from the boxing and MMA scene. Including Tyson Fury.

“Photo doesn’t mean I’m a criminal”

And his mood on the subject is alternately cute and dilapidated. When a journalist reminded him of MTK these days, Fury angrily replied, “That was from 2017 to 2020. Three years, that’s it. Done. The end. Any other questions that might come to your mind?” When asked about a picture of him and Kinahan smiling in Dubai, Fury replied, “The picture doesn’t mean I’m a criminal. There could be a criminal in this building right now, but that doesn’t mean I’m involved in his crime, does it?”

Meanwhile, more and more details about the Kinahan’s criminal activities are emerging. Your organization is said to be part of a supercartel that has brought tens of billions of euros in cocaine to Europe. Cartel giants Ridouan Tagh (“Angel of Death”), Ricardo Riquelme Vega (El Rico), Noufal Fassih and the alleged Camorra leader Raffaele Imperiale are also allegedly involved in this syndicate. Everyone was arrested in the meantime. Kinahan is still in search.

The assassination attempt on Kinahan failed

However, Ir had been in prison before, in 2010 with his father Christy, who allegedly founded the cartel in Dublin in the 1980s, and his brother Christopher Jr. The Spanish police attacked at the time. Investigators have estimated that the Kinahan clan will exercise absolute control over the Irish underworld – in a dispute that was as bloody as it was deadly with the hostile “Hutch gang” – and will have a significant impact on mob groups on the Costa del Sol. The gang reportedly planned to assassinate Daniel Kinahan while weighing two boxers in front of the “Clash of Clans” in 2016. There was also a shooting in the lobby of the Regency Hotel, but the man they wanted to kill escaped. Daniel is now considered the head of the cartel. To date, however, he has not been convicted in court.

That could change soon. Immediately after the sanctions imposed by the USA, the United Arab Emirates (including Dubai) froze all the assets of the Kinahan gang, ie all private and corporate bank accounts. The Gulf State has said it will continue to investigate the Irish syndicate in parallel with authorities in the US, the UK, Ireland and Spain. The United States takes it for granted that the Kinahan often used Dubai as a “headquarters for their illegal activities.” In fact, the emirate is considered the playground of mafia giants.

And so the box is confused, all ties are negated, downplayed or broken. Arum, who has repeatedly said in recent years that the Irish have always treated him correctly, and after shabby actions in the past, said he now wants to be a serious businessman, says in sanctions: “I am a US citizen and our authorities do not take such steps lightly . We will no longer work with him and his people, but directly with Fury and his lawyer. ”He wanted to break off relations with Ir anyway. The famous promoter is far from the only icon that is now stressed. Kinahan “has greatly improved the lives of boxers,” WBC Chief Mauricio Sulaiman once said, according to the Guardian.

“I’m just a stupid boxer”

Fury continues his “name is a rabbit” game. “I’m just a stupid boxer,” he said now in London. “It’s none of my business. There’s absolutely no connection. Zero, really zero.” MTK-Global also does not, the agency announced the end of activities in the middle of the week. Although Kinahan has nothing to do with the company since 2017. How does this all relate to Fury’s struggle and Arum’s payments to Kinahan? Well, there’s something to do. But only after Wembley. Until Fury’s last big show.

The unpredictable giant, who technically exceeds his rival by 13 centimeters, is a clear favorite. Fury has never lost in his professional career. There were 31 wins and draws in 32 matches. Whyte had to come out of the ring as a loser twice in 30 matches. According to the bookmaker, Fury is tipped as the winner with a ratio of 80:20 percent. “I trained on Dillian as hard as I did on Deontay Wilder, Wladimir Klitschk or others,” said Fury, who wants to enjoy life after his grand finale. “$ 150 million at the bank, young, healthy. I’ll buy a huge yacht abroad,” he said just a few weeks ago, and he made headlines the way he liked them. However, he often withdrew his views and statements. Maybe in the case of Kinahan.