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The tenth title of the PSG, its future, Mbappé: the truths of Leonard

10 PSG titles

“10 titles is great. I think Saint-Etienne is becoming the most successful club in France and that’s really great. 10 is a big number, an important number, it’s a record, and that’s something we should celebrate. It’s true that we’ve had a very difficult season since the defeat with Real Madrid, it’s been complicated, we’ve had a really unreal atmosphere like today, but I still think we have good things, we have something to look at and we’re sure to make it happen now. The championship is over, we will make decisions, we will have some thoughts. We will come back even stronger next season. “

Still in Paris next season?

“I think it’s hard with me, but it’s not possible without me. No, I’m kidding. I want to continue? Yes, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I still want to be honest. I don’t lack energy or desire. Then I think I did mistakes I have to accept Sometimes you make choices and things that can affect the result Recruitment mistakes “In general, it can be recruitment, management, behavior. I talk about myself like I talk about everyone. Everyone has their influence during the season and we have to assume that. But in reality, defeats are orphans. Nobody wants to take it. No one is to blame. But here I think it’s a very strange defeat (talking about Real Madrid, editor’s note). We suffered a lot because we were almost in the quarterfinals in our heads and in fifteen minutes what happened. It was even unexpected for everyone. But it happened. rvi also observe, seeing the behavior of everyone and all the people who live around and in the context of the club. We will definitely go there with reflections, we will make decisions and move on.

The case of Mbappé

“Honestly, the discussions have always been there. It’s not like there is a special meeting in Doha, it’s not. But yes, there is a discussion in Doha, people meet (… Kylian has always been discussed. He talks, he says things She’s talking to us too. We’re still communicating. He’s still thinking. He’s watching everything. With or without him, everything changes, yes. is true.”