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The second training session in Imola is now live!


FT2: It’s getting full

Drivers don’t have time to waste time. After yesterday it was mostly wet and especially cold, now everyone needs time to dry. More than half of all the pilots were already out.

Significantly busier on Saturday than on FT3. Not much can be changed on cars, but now, among other things, important data on tires can be collected.

As a reminder: After the sprint, all 20 riders have a free choice of tires – and of course in the race tomorrow.


FT2: Open a ticker session now!

The start of the second practice is approaching and it is time for you to open our ticker with Stefan Ehlen again. Only there you get complete FT2 coverage. Here we will limit ourselves to the most important information, pictures and voices.

As has already been said, it is much warmer today than yesterday. The asphalt temperature is around 19 degrees, the air temperature even a whopping 31 degrees. We look forward to seeing how it turns out!


Alpine: Porpoising causes engine problems

After less than four races, the first engine penalties are already waiting for Alpine. Engine boss Bruno Famin explains that it is due to this year’s whining.

“The problems we had did not come from the internal combustion engine itself,” he explains. “The internal combustion engine itself is very good. We did not have a single problem.”

Porpoising is more of a reason why engine parts break.


That it is difficult to overtake in Imola …

… in 2005 he had to experience Michael Schumacher first hand. In this series of photos, we look back at his duel with Fernando Alonso. Will we see today (and tomorrow) a similar classic between Verstappen and Leclerc …?

Photo gallery: Imola 2005: Alonso’s lesson for Michael Schumacher


Where was the crack?

There was a big dinner with Stefan Domenicali and all the bosses of the Formula 1 team yesterday – at least almost. Because Mike Krack is gone. Of course, we asked PK earlier and got the answer that there was a “communication problem”.

You know it from private parties: someone is always missing an invitation 😉


Binotto: No other option has been pursued

We checked again with the head of the Ferrari team about the new contract with Sainz. He reveals: “It was a clear decision. We never considered other options.”

Meaning: Mick Schumacher was never thought of either. The extension with Sainz was obvious, “because Carlos did very well last year,” Binotto said.

“He’s a very strong rider,” who is also “integrated” into the team, the team boss explains. By the end of 2024, you now have a “fantastic driver pairing.”


DISPLAY: Sprint live on Sky!

The format is slightly different this weekend in Imola. But that doesn’t change the fact that Sky delivers all sessions directly to your living room! Get your sports package now and experience today’s sprint and tomorrow’s race live and without advertising breaks.

Find out here!


Lots of new things about Sprint

In 2021, Formula 1 introduced sprint races for the first time. A few things have changed for 2022! It starts with the most important thing: awarding points. If in the previous year there were only points for the top 3, the Sprint 2022 was significantly improved.

You will find out everything you need later in this article!


today 22 years ago …

… David Coulthard won his home race at Silverstone. Fans remembered the race mainly because of the conditions. Heavy rain, among other things, made some parking spaces on the route impassable.

Formula 1 learns from this: in 2001, the Grand Prix returned to its original deadline in July. After the 2000 edition fiasco, it has survived to this day, with a few exceptions.

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Audi: Everyone would be interested …

Audi is currently looking for a partner to enter Formula 1. We have therefore asked who would be interested in such a partnership. And basically, not everyone would be averse.

Steiner says one would be open, of course, but that no negotiations have yet taken place. Krack and Capito also say that such a partnership would certainly be interesting.

That’s all with PK, which ends a few minutes earlier today.


Krack: I want to keep Vettel

Now it’s Nemc’s contract, which expires at the end of the year. Krack explains that from the team’s point of view, it would be “stupid” not to want to extend the contract.

But he also understands Vettel’s position. The team must give him the car he deserves. That’s why he understands that the four-time world champion currently wants to wait and see each other.


Krack: It won’t be easy for Vettel

The German starts the sprint from P9, which is directly behind the points. However, his team boss Mike Krack stresses that maintaining this position will be difficult.

“The problems don’t go away overnight,” he explains. And Vettel himself said yesterday that Aston Martin is not really in the top 10 at the moment.

According to Krack, this does not mean that you will not try to fight with others today!


Steiner: Can Magnussen keep P4?

“I don’t know, we’ll try,” says the Haas team boss before the sprint, explaining: “It depends a bit on the start.” Because Imola is considered a circuit where overtaking is not particularly easy.

In any case, it assumes that you will have a “good race”. They also do not want to hide and drive only defensively, but prefer to take a “calculated risk”.


Tost: It was a “terrible” qualification

The team boss is asked that it did not go so well for AlphaTauri yesterday. He says ‘terrible’ is a better word after both riders have resigned in Q1.

A small ray of hope: “Improvement [hier in Imola] it worked as expected, “says Tost, who now hopes you can work your way up in the sprint. That was all for Part 1 PK.


More updates soon?

The updates have been relatively manageable this year. Ferrari didn’t bring anything for Imola either. “We just can’t afford it,” says Tost, referring to regular updates.

The background is the budget limit, which significantly limits teams. Binotto also agrees. “We have to keep an eye on the cost ceiling,” he recalls. So you need to make sure that the updates bring something.

And it will only take “a few races longer”.


Ferrari leads the World Cup nicely, but …

The head of the Ferrari team also talks about the current leadership of the championship. Of course it’s a good feeling, he admits. At the same time, however, he recalls that this could change “very quickly”.

It was just a “good start”. But the season is still very long. And it is still too early for the potential of individual cars this year.

It will take a minimum of five races. And this weekend is only the fourth.