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The murder of young Océane Boyer: no forgiveness to the killer

Relatives of a 13-year-old teenager drugged, beaten and abandoned at the side of the road by her “uncle” refused to forgive him, as he was sentenced to life in prison on Friday without the possibility of release 19 years ago.

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“Forgiving is out of the question.” Your gesture, never, never, we will not be able to overcome it. We live in pain every day, now is the time to live here, “said Véronique Sarrazin, Aunt Océane Boyer.

During a particularly emotional hearing at the Saint-Jérôme court on Friday, several relatives of the victim and accused attended to confess guilt to his murderer François Sénécal. This will shorten the court proceedings and avoid lengthy and painful court proceedings.

The discovery of the limp body by Océane Boyer, 13, in the isolated area of ​​Brownsburg-Chatham, in the Laurentians, shocked all of Quebec. The girl was never at school on February 26, 2020.

Photo taken from Facebook

Killer François Sénécal.

Still alive

It was rather Sénécal, a family friend for 20 years whom she considered her uncle to go for her. He wanted to discourage her from talking to a psychologist about the sexual abuse he had caused her last summer.

The two had an “inappropriate relationship” according to a common set of facts. The defendant even bought her a cell phone so they could exchange messages.

After he took the girl home, he forced her to drink sleeping pills and she started to feel sick. He then forced him into his vehicle, where the situation worsened. In a panic, he immobilized the vehicle and struck the victim in the head several times with a blunt object.

Photo taken from Facebook

Oceane Boyer

When she was still alive, he left her on the side of the road and made sure he took off her trousers, which had dog hair on them.

But the man will go even further to cover the traces of his “despicable” crime.

He performed a complete cleaning of his vehicle with a pressure washer and some personal belongings. He also put several articles in the trash, revealing court documents obtained by Le Journal.

He was arrested shortly after the tragedy and also admitted to investigators that he had set up a campfire to get rid of Oceane’s effects.

Photos from the archive

A dove released into the sky during a funeral, in March 2020.

Lives ruined

“You ruined our lives, you took some of ourselves,” Caroline Sarrazin, the girl’s mother, thundered on Friday.

The accused preferred to stare at the ground rather than face the eyes of many of the victim’s relatives.

“I would like to ask for forgiveness, but what I have done is not forgiven,” Sénécal, handcuffed to the dock, said.

– In collaboration with Claudia Berthiaume and Christian Plouff

what they said

“Oceane is still with us, not in the flesh, but in the dust.” The only way to hug her is to take the urn in which her ashes are stored. »

– Caroline Sarrazin, mother of Oceane

“We have so much hatred, anger, frustration in our lives, but above all, pain and huge emptiness.” »

– Cassandra Sarrazin, Sister Ocean

“Learning to live without the sound of his voice leaves us with a huge hole in our hearts, unimaginable pain. »

– Véronique Sarrazin, Océan’s aunt

“I trusted you, but what’s worse, Ocean believed you.” […] Mononcle, such a prestigious title that you didn’t deserve. »

– Jennifer Sarrazin, Océan’s cousin

“If I could back off, I would.” I can’t. I’ll blame myself for the rest of my life. I know my apologies are useless, but I apologize anyway. »

– François Sénécal, accused

“The crime committed by François Sénécal is despicable and cowardly. »

– Judge France Charbonneau

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