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The Monaco repair Saint-Etienne and reach the podium

ASM corrects AXIS

It’s over for Geoffroy Guichard. AS Monaco has for the most part Saint-Etienne (4-1). In the standings, Philippe Clement’s players are alone in third place until the matches of his direct competitors this Sunday. Stéphanois will remain in the red zone at the end of Day 34 of Ligue 1.

Double rotation for Monaco

Philippe Clement is still making changes to this end of the game. Maripan and Matazo come into play instead of Disasi and Tchouameni.

Great return from Nade

Mickael Nadé returned well in front of Kevin Volland, who was about to challenge Paul Bernardoni.

Boadu adds a fourth goal for ASM

In the great Monaco collective movement, Boada is well placed to deceive Bernardoni, who bows for the fourth time this afternoon. It seems to be called Mass.

The Greens are fighting

Since the resumption of this match a few minutes ago, Stéphanois has been trying to be dangerous and set the rhythm when they are two goals behind.

Mangala receives the yellow card

Eliaquim Mangala is mistaken in the passing of Tchouaméni and is logically reprimanded by the referee.

Boadu hit the bar

Ben Yedder’s substitution was close to the goal. The Monaco striker touches the pole after several hooks.

Adil Aouchiche returns

Pascal Dupraz makes a change as the match goes on when Adil Aouchiche replaces Maçon.

It’s here again

After a long interruption, the match of Day 34 Ligue 1 between ASSE and AS Monaco finally continues.

The game will continue

The match will continue at 9 pm, the referee announces the match in the press conference room of Geoffroy Guichard.

The public gives a voice

If the meeting was interrupted for a few minutes, Geoffroy-Guichard’s fans continued to sing and adjust their mood.

A crisis unit is called

Following the incidents that had just taken place in the stands of Saint-Etienne, a crisis unit was convened to decide whether to continue the meeting.

The game is interrupted

A new firework is set off from Kopp Green Angels. The game is interrupted.

Fireworks in Geoffroy-Guichard that interrupted ASSE-Monaco © Amazon screenshot

Double rotation for Dupraz

Pascal Dupraz made two changes shortly after the hour: Kolodziejczak and Khazri gave way to Trauc and Hamoum.

Great flight from Bernardoni

Paul Bernardoni performed a great intervention after a powerful blow by Vanderson. Goalkeeper Stéphanois keeps some tension in this encounter.

Kolodziejczak scores his own goal

This is a new goal for Kolodziejczak. The defender Saint-Etienne throws himself into the fight, but the ball, which he averts, ends up in the back of the net.

Double change for ASM

Philippe Clement makes two changes. Golovin and Ben Yedder give way to Jakobs and Boadu.

The show continues in the stands

The Green Angels continue their 30th anniversary celebrations. The Saint-Etienne ultras are bursting with more smokestacks. The boiler is smoking.

Bouanga remains on the ground

After a tough fight with Sidibé, Dennis Bouanga has difficulty getting up and seems to be suffering from ankle pain.

The Greens have the ball

Since returning from the locker room, they have the ball under the control of the Greens, although so far it remains quite sterile.

Djibril Sidibé entered

Philippe Clément made a half-time change. Gibrils Martins was replaced by Djibril Sidibé. Vanderson will certainly strengthen in this second act.

It’s here again

In this meeting on the 34th day of Ligue 1, everything is still undecided. If ASM seemed to make a difference, Wahbi Khazri’s goal just before the break revived the match.

The end of the first period

For this first act at Geoffroy-Guichard it’s over. ASM leads two goals to one in a spirited first period on and off the pitch.

Wahbi Khazri warned

The striker Stéphanois was warned after a late operation on Caio Henrique. Due to this warning, Khazri will skip the match against Nice.

Mini fireworks are fired, the match stopped

The Green Angels fired a mini firework from their Kick. The match is stopped, but will continue after the announcement from the announcer.

Gabriel Silva is out

Tactical adjustment for Pascal Dupraz and Saint-Etienne. Saint-Etienne coach Arnaud Nordin replaces Gabriel Silva.

Khazri transforms

Wahbi Khazri is not wrong about Nubel. The Tunisian international is taking the Monaco goalkeeper to the wrong foot and completely revives this match.

Penalty for ASSE

The referee will determine the penalty point! Aurélien Tchouaméni hits the feet of Camara, who is heading into the penalty area. Option for the Green to restart the match. Monaco midfielder receives a yellow card.

Nice defensive intervention by Mason

This defensive intervention required Mason to prevent the Monaco from still threatening Bernardoni’s cages. Stéphanois takes the lead by Fofana.

Greens lack accuracy

It was a leitmotif from the beginning of the match. The Greens are succeeding in getting closer to the surface of Monaco, but at the moment they lack the technical accuracy to be dangerous.

Another opportunity for ASM

Disagreement between Ben Yedder and Volland. On a scoop from Henrique in depth, two ASM attackers procrastinate and let Bernardoni strike.

Mason’s shooting center worries Nobel

Voluntarily or not, Yvan Maçon’s attempt nearly deceived Alexander Nubel, who covered his first pole well to prevent Saint-Etienne’s centered shots from ending backwards.

Volland scores Monaco’s second goal

Incredible! ASM scores a second goal in a step towards an almost similar goal. Fofan releases Martins, who heads for Kevin Volland. The German ends with a flat foot and deceives Bernardoni.

Ben Yedder is attacking again!

Wissam Ben Yedder is finishing the school event in the penalty area. Earlier, Aurélien Tchouaméni sent an excellent ball to Henrique, who passed to the French national team, who scored his 20th goal of the season.

The first yellow card in the match

After losing the ball from Gelson Martins, the Portuguese tries to catch up, but commits a foul on Khazri. The referee awards the first yellow card of the match.

Nubel’s new stop

Bouang again and Nubel again. Both men are still in action after the attack from Gabon. Alexander Nubel won again in two stages, while Wahbi Khazri rode a bicycle.

Good intervention from Nobel

The Monaco goalkeeper is joining the event for the first time. Bouanga is launched into the depths of Nade. The Gabonese Cross, but Nubel wins in his area in two stages.

What Nubel Relaunch Error

With a harmless recovery from a free kick for ASM, Nubel is totally divided. His raise landed at the feet of Boudebouz, who could not follow.

AS Monaco’s defense is too quiet

Vanderson loses the ball in front of Boudebouz. This is not the first time that one of Monaco’s defenders has tried to increase. Stéphanois is not benefiting at this moment.

Several bugs

The beginning of the match is stormy. There are a lot of fouls and the intensity is tough. The referee has intervened several times to reassure 22 players.

Many smokestacks are lit.

Already the first animation in the Pile of Green Angels, who are celebrating thirty years. The Ultras of Saint-Etienne crack many smoke bombs to accompany their songs.

The first big chance for ASM

Paul Bernardoni hit nicely after Volland. The ball returns to the axis towards Gelson Martins, who substitutes for the first intervention, but his shot flies over the cage Saint-Etienne.

Nade’s big hit on Volland

A tone is set for this meeting. Nadé intervenes with great desire behind Volland’s back. The referee signals the foul.

Volland’s first blow

Kevin Volland took advantage of Vanderson’s long ball-shaped ball to defend Saint-Etienne, but his recovery largely missed Bernardoni’s cage.

Let’s go to Geoffroy-Guichard

The whistle of this match on the 34th day is carried in an electric atmosphere. The Greens must win to get out of the red zone, while the Monaco can return to third place in Ligue 1, Rennes

The atmosphere is likely to be electric

The boiler will certainly burn up this Saturday on the occasion of the reception of AS Monaco. The Green Angels, ultras of Saint-Etienne, are celebrating their thirtieth anniversary. The two Kicks should be filled to support the ASSE fighting in the championship as the season draws to a close.

AS Monaco handy in front of cages

In addition to the second best scorer Ligue 1 in his staff, the principality team has the best ratio of changed chances this season.

Geoffroy-Guichard, an almost impregnable fortress

AS Saint-Etienne is particularly solid on its last adoption in the boiler.

Composition of Monaco

Here is the composition of AS Monaco with the attacking duo Ben Yedder-Volland: Nubel – Vanderson, Disasi, Badiashile, Caio Henrique – Martins, Fofana, Tchouaméni, Golovin – Volland, Ben Yedder.

ASSE composition.

Here is the composition of Saint-Etienne with the return of Eliaquima Mangala to the middle defense: Bernardoni – Silva, Mangala, Kolodziejczak, Nadé, Maçon – Gourna, Camara, Boudebouz – Bouanga Khazri

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