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The match for Tyson Fury came for Dillian Whyte at the right time, says coach Xavier Miller | Boxing news

Dillian Whyte may have waited more than 1,000 days for his mandatory World Championship shot, but head coach Xavier Miller insists the timing couldn’t be better as his husband prepares to fight Tyson Fury for the WBC Heavyweight Championship this Saturday and Wembley.

As battle night approaches, the story of Whyte’s media silence has been replaced by the story that both men enter the best training camps of their careers.

For coach Whyte Miller, this means the culmination of years of technical improvement behind the scenes and vast experience with the rings in preparation for this occasion.

“I think it’s a case where we’ve been locked up in Portugal for the last few years, I think it’s at three or four different training camps, I think it was talking to Dillian earlier when I was appointed head coach and I said, “We need to improve certain aspects of your game,” Miller told Sky Sports.

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Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte will compete in Wembley before the weekend’s World Championship. Fury and Whyte remain calm as their entourage gets too close.

“He is a great warrior, a great warrior.

“Its ceiling is much higher than where it is right now, which is why I worked so hard.

“I’m ultra-confident, ultra-confident.”

Whyte recently reported his limited amateur experience when he explained to Sky Sports in a media talk about the extent to which he has developed almost “learning at work” as a boxer in recent years and how he says he continues with every game.

His defeat in the seventh round with Anthony Joshua in 2015 not only presented the world with its toughness, but would also catalyze its emergence as one of the most dangerous threats on the heavyweight circuit.

He has since won outstanding victories over players such as Derek Chisora, Robert Helenius, Lucas Brown and Joseph Parker before stopping Alexander Povetkin in the fourth round of last year’s retaliatory match to finally pave the way for the title.

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Tyson Fury says he and Dillian Whyte are ready to rock and roll ahead of WBC Heavyweight Saturday night at Wembley.

“I think some of it is that we just had to get back to basics,” Miller continued. “I think because I’ve spent so long building fighters from scratch, there is a format and it takes time.

“No matter how anyone wants to spin it, you won’t just get a fighter who hasn’t fought for world titles yet, and you won’t change things right away.

“There are things that have to be worked on, we have taken our time and we have done it.

“Honestly, the fight couldn’t have come at a better time, it is now.”

Rarely, if at all, did Fury downplay the threat posed by Whyte before Saturday’s reckoning, acknowledging the likelihood that his opponent would “take his head off” if he brought something less than his best.

Fury struck the screen on many occasions in his trilogy against Deontay Wilder, whose only fault was the inability to complete the Gypsy king. It’s easier said than done.

“You don’t have to be a boxing coach to see (how Whyte can hurt Fury),” Miller explained.

“If Dillian catches you clean, you’ll fall. The problem is you have to leave Tyson Fury there.”

“You give recognition where it is needed when he went down, he got up. He has a lot of hearts, he wants to fight, but our job is to get him down as soon as we get him down, that’s our job.”

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Joseph Parker says Tyson Fury looked fantastic at the camp and stops Dillian Whyte between the fifth and ninth rounds.

Miller himself, who has worked with Whyt since his victory over Oscar Rivas in July 2019, admits that he was regularly asked how much Saturday would mean to him.

There are many answers for a coach who has helped lead amateur fighters into professional ranks and traveled to America to expand his knowledge and spend time in various corners to improve his expertise. For Whyte’s camp, they feel it’s their moment, their husband’s moment.

“I just love boxing. I’ve been in boxing since I was about 11/12, I’ve been watching boxing every day, I’ve been training fighters for years, and that’s exciting for me,” he said.

“The only time I’m nervous is when it’s time to call and we’ve started going to the ring.

“I lived for this, I waited for this, this is a lifetime opportunity.

“We’ll do the work.”

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