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The man dies after a police officer shot him with the tip of a knife

A 26-year-old man died on Saturday after a knife was shot by a police officer, which we learned on Sunday from the prosecution. The man “died (Saturday) at the Blois Hospital Center as a result of a criminal investigation into an attempted murder of police officers from the Blois police station,” prosecutor Blois Frédéric Chevallier said in a press release.

“In order to find out the exact causes of his death, the Blois Prosecutor’s Office, which was in charge of the investigation, decided. It will be performed on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 in the afternoon at the Tours forensic institute, “the same source added. The indictment said on Friday night that “during the investigation”, the shooting at a police officer was “analyzed as an entry into a case of self-defense against an armed man’s attack.”

No political or religious demands

The man wandered in the streets of Blois on Thursday around 10 pm armed with a knife, the indictment said on Friday. Police urged him to drop his weapon when the person was at the entrance to the elderly residence, but he walked up to them and threatened. According to the indictment, he used a taser, then LBD (defensive ball launcher) shots, without effect.

“On the contrary, the individual proceeded to the police,” the prosecutor underlined, adding, “at this point the police officer used a Sig Sauer 9 mm service weapon four times.” The man hit by the chest shot could only be controlled after the last LBD shot. He was hospitalized with a vital prognosis.

The young man, a Moroccan who was unknown to the police and judiciary, had resided in France since September 2021 and had a student visa. For several days, he “knew anxieties of indeterminate origin,” according to the indictment, which stated that “no word was said” that could be “related to political or religious demands.”