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The liberal opposition clearly leads in the forecasts

Slovenia elects new parliament: The first forecast shows a clear election victory for the opposition Liberal Career Party, Robert Golob.

According to the forecast, the opposition Movement for Freedom (GS), led by the liberal-oriented political rookie Robert Golob, is clearly leading the parliamentary elections in Slovenia. In a forecast published on Sunday evening by the “Pop TV” television station, which is based on a survey of voters leaving polling stations, the GS is 35.8 percent. The SDS party of right-wing populist Prime Minister Janez Jansa has only 22.5 percent.

In this south-eastern Europe, a duel was expected between the head of the ruling party and the freedom movement.

Close relationship with Orban

During the election campaign, Jansa promised stability and set the mood with slogans such as “No Experiments”. But the head of government is controversial in both the domestic market and the EU. Jans’s opposition blames it for undermining democratic institutions and restricting press freedom since he took office two years ago.

Since Jansa took office, large demonstrations against authoritarian tendencies have repeatedly taken place in Slovenia. In the EU, Jans’ close relationship with Hungarian right-wing populist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is perceived extremely critically. Opposition leader Golob previously called the election a “referendum on democracy in Slovenia.”