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The latest Russian-Ukrainian war news: Live updates

Donbas area: The second phase of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced on Friday, adding that its goal was to “completely liberate” the entire Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a speech on Friday night that the Ukrainian armed forces were discouraging attacks in the east and south. “The direction of Izyum, Donbas, Pryazovia, Mariupol, Kherson region are places where the fate of this war and the future of our state is decided,” he said.

Kharkiv region: Ukraine’s armed forces warned on Friday against a possible Russian offensive in the region, where Ukrainian defenders have intelligence that the Russian army is conducting an air reconnaissance near the city of Izjum.

Mariupol: The day after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared victory in the broken Ukrainian port city, the President of the European Council said he “urged” Putin to immediately open humanitarian access to the population. Surrounded by a small focus of resistance, about 1,000 Ukrainian fighters and citizens who remain stuck in the steel plant. The extent of the devastation was also underlined by newly discovered images of two mass graves near Mariupol.

Kiev region: Most cities around the capital – to which refugees are now returning – have suffered massive destruction of civilian infrastructure, the United Nations confirmed on Friday using satellite imagery. Around 77 percent of Horenka, 71 percent of Irpin and 58 percent of Hostomel, all urban areas, were damaged or destroyed by the end of March, said UN spokesman Eri Kaneko.

Slovenian: Russian shelling in a city in eastern Ukraine on Friday damaged a high school building and a residential building, according to the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office in Telegram, and announced an investigation into the use of cluster missiles, which is prohibited by international law.