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The last duel of Tyson Fury, a tormented and charismatic king of heavy weights

The face of the film, but not necessarily the face of work. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Tyson Fury fighting in the bare joints in the backyard of a shady pub in Cork or Galway, or as Vinnie Jones’ partner in Guy Richie, a bloody opponent of fist wounds. But the established Gypsy from South Manchester is the undisputed king of the Premier category, the heavyweight category.

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Could it be different with such a first name? Could it be different with such a family? His paternal great-grandfather and his maternal grandfather were boxers with bare joints, as were his cousin Bartley Gorman, a man who could fight in a coal mine by the light of a lamp. Tyson Fury shares the same nickname with them: Gypsy King. Unlike the Klitsch brothers, the rulers of the nation of statues for decades, Fury has to deal with an unfavorable fate. After overthrowing Wladimir Klitschko, he offered an incredible trilogy of tactical and technical intelligence against striker Deontay Wilder, from whom he emerged undefeated (1 draw and 2 K.-O. wins). Theoretically, this Saturday’s fight against Dillian Whyte should be the last. Boxer announced that he would put his gloves away. Should we believe it?

Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte on the eve of their fight for the WBC Heavyweight Belt, April 22, 2022 in London

Credit: Getty Images

500 grams at birth

The announcement of his departure from the rings did not surprise him. The life of a gypsy king is not a life of linearity. Novel life served in fragments. 2.06 m below the altimeter and 130 kg on the scale: Fury is a colossus, a force of nature. It is hard to believe that he weighed only 500 grams at birth, prematurely at 6 months. Fury is a miracle, the youngest of four siblings: their mother had 16 pregnancies and lost 12 children. And when he seizes the belts of the youngest of the Loops, his joy mixes with the pain of losing a child and one of his uncles a few weeks after the end.

For two years, he fell into depression with a parade of alcohol, cocaine, violent anxiety attacks, deceptive comments spilled on Twitter, and suicidal instincts behind the wheel of his restrained Ferrari. It weighs about 180 kg. Positively tested in white, he will not play the second opus planned against Dr. Steelhammer, his multigrade graduate boxer, is upset that he was confused by a guy who dropped out of school at the age of 10 and multiplied antics (he arrived at a press conference dressed as “Fatman”, a more meaty version of Batman) and unlikely points (“You have less charisma than my panties”) at press conferences.

In 2015, Tyson Fury, the fall of Wladimir Klitsch, was crowned world heavyweight champion

Credit: AFP

A glaring father

Fury is also a diverse clan, able, according to a local farmer, to offer 27,000 euros in exchange for a wild boar whose contaminated meat would allow him to hide his positive control from nandrolone in February 2015. the figure of the father takes up a lot of space. The man who wanted to overcome fate by naming his descendant Tyson in honor of Iron Mike, has a solid background as a brawler, in a conventional ring (8 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw), but especially in a typically gypsy style: bare knee. No gloves, no distractions, no rules. And daron, who is said to be undefeated in this little game, is not gentle. To settle a 12-year-old beer bottle dispute on holiday in Cyprus, John maimed his ex-boyfriend by stabbing him in the eye.

In 2010, he was sentenced to 11 years in violation of rights. Released in 2015, he is a corner man for his son and spends his time skidding, rotting opponents of Tyson or even Dan White, the head of the UFC, who was wrong when he questioned Gypsy King’s skills in the octagon. Unlike the fight against Wilder, he quarreled with his younger brother for two months and reappeared only three days before the match. His latest venture? He attacked the challenger and his surroundings during a press conference in Wembley on Thursday. Tyson intervened to calm the ghosts. “I told his father to calm downto Whyte. He screamed like a child. I asked him why he was pushing himself when our time came, his son and me. He must always try to steal the show from his son. John Fury is an idiot because his behavior could have jeopardized the fight. “

John Fury on the eve of his son Tyson’s match against Dillian Whyte for the WB belt, April 22, 2022 in London

Credit: Getty Images

The road to progress and triumph

If he didn’t wear school for too long, Tyson Fury graduated with honors from the “Sweet Science” jury thanks to the courses of his uncles Hughie and especially Peter, who developed his coaching skills in documenting himself during his two cabin visits. “Fury is far from everyone in heavyweightsays Nordine Oubaali, WBC World Champion of the Roosters from 2019 to 2021. He is very technical, has great power and is very smart. He knows how to engage opponents, counter, push and box in defense, which few heavy weights can do. Fury has been underestimated in relation to his character, while the boxing is very handsome. Moreover, he was never afraid to fight outside: he defeated Klitschko in Germany, defeated Wilder in the United States. “

Tyson Fury’s great strength is his desire to complete this family learning with other coaches. In 2010, he unexpectedly decided to take a ticket to Detroit. And in Motor City, there is not only Axel Foley, but also Emmanuel Stewart aka “The Wizard of the Crown”, a mythical room. Dying in 2012, Stewart was a legacy and he was the one who perfected the pugilistic technique of the Gypsy King, starting with his footwork and sense of balance. Since then, he’s Javan, the wizard’s nephew, who works mainly with Fury. He is the one behind the plan that destroyed Wilder in retaliation on February 22, 2020. “Fury has a rare ring intelligence and an incredible ability to adapt.notes Raphaël Tronché, the French heavyweight champion from 2017 to 2019. He can always get the best out of himself and pull out the worst in the person he has in front of him. He can bluff and pass for athletes when he does not have the physical abilities of Joshua or Whyte, for example. As a result, his opponents are not pushing him to his limits, if that’s the only way to win: not to be hooked and debited. “

Tyson Fury knocks out Deontay Wilder during the WBC Heavyweight Championships on October 9, 2021 in Las Vegas

Credit: Getty Images

Why, the last fight or a break to regenerate?

The history of noble art is full of definitive decisions that bring the best returns. Will Tyson Fury skip the duel against Anthony Joshua and Oleksander Usyk? The Ukrainian is a newcomer to the category of queens and Joshua offered himself as an appetizer to weigh the WBA, IBF and WBO belts. Joshua in clear decline, although with his Greek appearance of the statue very interest. “For me, the announcement of his retirement is a bluffconsiders Nordine Oubaali. I think he’s reboxing to unite all the belts and also because his matches generate a lot of money. “

Despite the expression, which is not really carved in stone, Fury is gaining popularity across the channel, especially because he is involved in the fight against depression, which has been diagnosed as bipolar. A 100% English fight would be especially lucrative because there are many antagonisms between the two men. “Fury is from Manchester, Joshua is from Londondisplaces Renald Garrid, a super-lightweight whose fighting spirit is very popular with the British public. All in all, it’s a bit of a rivalry like Paris and Marseille in France. Fury has an English identity: he likes to party, drink beer and has a sense of humor. It does not necessarily have the typical style of an athlete. So the English find it easier to recognize him. ” Raphaël Tronché agrees: “Fury will remain a model of redemption, courage. It is a symbol of self-confidence. It is certainly a twirling person, but also a humble and compassionate one. It is a paradox or a definition of balance.”

But before we imagine a sequel that is already dotted, it remains to win this fight against Whyte. “He also had a winding life path, a strong charactercontinues boxer based in Marseille. It won’t be easy for Fury, because he will have a batter in front of him. It is certain that it will end up in KO. For me, Whyte is much more dangerous than Joshua. Fury has a slippery, smart box. You need one blow to beat him. He’s been on the mat in his career. Nothing is playing. But Fury is such a wallet … And then mentally it’s definitely the best overall. He returned from everything. We must not forget that 5 years ago, many buried her and saw her finished. Fury is extraordinary in his head. “


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