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The Imola race is live now!


Leclerc is working his way up

The Ferrari driver at least fought his way back to P7. But it won’t be much more. Bottas puts pressure on Russell to fight for P4. At the front, Red Bull seems to be winning an undeniable double victory – if nothing breaks.


Leclerc is starting!

Monegasse puts pressure on Perez and crashes! He can continue, but needs a new front wing and falls back to P9. What a drama for Ferrari!


Verstappen stops

The Dutch follow him as expected and Leclerc takes back P3 from Norris. This means that everyone in front is now on the soft. It’s still a bonus point for the fastest lap. And Leclerc is putting pressure on Perez again.


Leclerc stopped

You’re kidding, you mean it when you say it! Leclerc comes again and switches to soft. That puts him under Norris for a while. But he should have no problem regaining his position on fresh tires.

Red Bull secured the round later and brought Perez. It also changes to soft. Then Verstappen should come, his lead on the forehead is big enough.


No more stops?

Apparently everyone wants to travel through the medium. It seems that the stops are no longer planned. Ricciard’s move did not pay off, on hard tires it lags behind by 20 seconds behind Schumacher, who is penultimate.

Hamilton is still sticking behind Gasly, otherwise there is no movement in the field.


Hamilton rode the bike

Maximum penalty: the record champion is caught by Verstappen. Let’s leave it at that.



Now managing the DRS plant. That should get things moving. Meanwhile, Ricciardo was in it again and switched to hard tires. He will definitely want to pass.

More rain is currently out of sight.


Dreher Mick

While Vettel is doing great so far, Schumacher is spinning and falling back to 18th and last place. By the way, DRS is still not released. As a result, there is quite a move in the middle of the backup.