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The first overseas polling stations are already open

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Created: 24.04.2022, 04:49

From: Daniel Dillmann, Nail Akkoyun


In France, the election will not enter the final round until Sunday. However, due to the time lag, overseas people can vote.

  • The favorite appears: Emmanuel Macron confronts Marine Le Pen.
  • Sunday’s decision: Recent polls show a close battle in the second round of presidential elections in France.
  • Elections in France: All information and news about the presidential elections in France 2022 in our new ticker.

Updated April 23, 16:14: The decisive final round of elections in France has officially begun. The first four polling stations opened in the small French archipelago of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon off the east coast of Canada at 8:00 a.m. (local time), as confirmed to the Germans by a Saint-Pierre town hall spokesman. Press agency (dpa). Most French people can vote on Sundays. However, due to a time lag, some overseas territories will vote on Saturday.

The second round will decide whether Liberal Head Emmanuel Macron will receive a second term or whether his right-wing rival Marine Le Pen will move into the Elysee Palace. Both qualified for the final round in the first round of voting two weeks ago.

Le Pen, who has tried to be more moderate in the election campaign, is still known for her far-right attitudes, wants to distance herself from Berlin and significantly reduce the European Union’s influence in France. In France, therefore, there is a debate about how Le Pen would change the country in the future. The election results are also eagerly awaited internationally. Surveys recently predicted Macron with 55 to 56.5 percent.

In the French archipelago of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, residents can vote in French elections on Saturday. © Alexis Sciard / Imago

France: Macron diplomatic scandal shortly before the election

Updated April 23, 7:55 AM: A few days before the second round of elections in France, Emmanuel Macron got into trouble with his diplomatic corps. According to the French president’s plans, the status of 800 French diplomats is to be redefined. The special status of professional diplomats is to be phased out and employees are to become regular civil servants.

The reasoning provoked outrage in the French diplomatic corps and provoked controversy shortly before the second round of elections, in which Macron will face marina challenger Marine Le Pen. Sylvie Bermann, a former ambassador to China, Britain and Russia, said Macron’s plan was destroying the country’s diplomatic corps.

Elections in France: the favorites in the second round of elections are looming

First Report of April 23, 2022: Frankfurt / Paris – Who will lead the “Grande Nation” in the next five years? 48.7 million eligible voters will answer this question in the second round of elections in France this Sunday (April 24, 2022). President Emmanuel Macron and his challenger, right-wing politician Marine Le Pen, will face off.

Recent French polls show a tight race. Acting Emmanuel Macron was able to increase his lead over Marine Le Pen in the last television duel before the second match. The debate was watched by 16.6 million spectators – most of them saw that the winner was Macron. According to a survey following the television duel, the 44-year-old managed to convince a third of the audience. The French Elabe Institute interviewed 650 people.

Sunday’s election in France: Marine Le Pen changes course

In a single debate before the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron repeatedly emphasized the importance of the European Union (EU) for France. Marine Le Pen has indicated that this is a strong face of European cooperation. Years ago, this right-wing politician was still a vocal supporter of “Frexit”, France’s departure from the international community. Le Pen is now speaking, instead of wanting to reform the EU. The 53-year-old also demanded more national skills for Paris.

Marine Le Pen or Emmanuel Macron? The second round of elections in France answers the question of the future presidency. © Joel Saget Eric Feferberg / afp

As for relations with Russia, Marine Le Pen also struck another note before the French elections. It also supports Kiev’s military and financial assistance in the Ukrainian conflict. However, Le Pen continued to reject a ban on Russian oil and gas imports. Emmanuel Macron accused his challenger of trying to be close to Russian President Vladimir Putin and becoming dependent on the Kremlin.

Elections in France 2022: Pensions and purchasing power are key issues

However, purchasing power and pensions remain the main problems in France before the elections. Le Pen wants to reduce VAT and stick to a retirement age of 62. If you start your career at a young age, you should be able to retire at the age of 60. Macron again wants to reduce unemployment and thus increase purchasing power. In exceptional cases, the retirement age should be raised to 65 years. According to him, the pension system must be counter-financed with increasing life expectancy.

Long before the first forecasts, projections or results of the French elections are available, one thing is obvious: the result is likely to be much tighter than when Macron and Le Pen last met in 2017. At that time, Macron won 66.1 percent of the vote. Le Pen accounted for 33.9 percent. This time, the two are much closer – despite Emmanuel Macron’s partial success in a television duel with Marine Le Pen.

Recent opinion polls put the incumbent in front of challengers with around 55 percent consent. Overview of current surveys:

Second round of elections in France: Polls see Macron ahead of Le Pen

Research Institute / Source: MacronPercentage Le PenIfop20. April55,544,5OpinionWay-Kéa20. April5644Elabe19. April 54,545.5

Deciding in the second round will be how the left behaves in France on Sunday. Your candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, failed in the first round of elections in France. However, many of his supporters do not want to see either the right-wing Le Pen or the liberal Macron in the Elysee Palace. The decisive factor in the second round of elections in France will probably be whether they choose Macron’s compromise or just stay at home. (dil / nak / dpa)