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The cottages are almost all ready for the summer

Quebecs intend to take advantage of the easing of sanitation and start traveling again, a frenzy that is being felt in cottage bookings, which are almost all done this summer.

“As for the campground-ready cottages, it’s true that reservations have been open for several months for the summer of 2022, and it may be more difficult to get one for this summer,” said Simon Boivin, spokesman for the Quebec Outdoor Equipment Company (SEPAQ).

If there are only a few vacancies left this summer, SÉPAQ has already started booking its cottages for 2023.

“At the end of the opening day of the cottage reservation, we have less than one-sixth of the entire offer that is reserved,” Mr Boivin said in an interview with TVA Nouvelles on Saturday.

The same story on the side of private cottages, where you can feel the return of residents of other provinces and Americans to the province.

“We are starting to have more and more people from the United States. We’ve had some at the end of winter since April. Also in eastern Quebec, all that is New Scotland, New Brunswick, is a clientele that is very present here, “said Jessica Émond, manager of Chalets-Village Mont-Sainte-Anne.

At Monsieur Chalets, almost 75% of the seats have already been reserved for the summer. Traffic is also present for the WeChalet rental shop “Summer at the cottages has always been very busy. I expect it to be the same this year. […] About a third of our inventory is still available, ”said WeChalet founder Dany Papineau.

“We are full for almost the whole summer and the autumn is filling up fast, so that’s just good news,” added Mrs. Émond.