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Politicians have criticized a Queensland postman who allegedly dumped about $ 13,000 in voting in his bin and tried to bribe residents after he was caught.

Queensland’s grandmother Annette Weller, who lives in the Blair constituency in West Brisbane and is marginally held by Labor Labor Shayne Neumann, caught a CCTV postman pouring a pile of letters into her trash can on wheels.

The letters were sent by LNP Senator Paul Scarro’s office. Credit: Nine

CCTV shows Weller coming to the postman and asking him about the incident.

The footage shows him apologizing and offering Weller $ 10 after she told him that LNP Senator Paul Scarr, whose office sent the letters, is on his way to pick up the pile.

Scarr said his office had signed a deal with the Australia Post to deliver voting requests by mail for $ 13,000.

He asked the Australia Post for an investigation and questioned “how widespread the problem is”.

Senator Queensland LNP Paul Scarr. Credit: Robert Shakespeare

Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said in Brisbane on Saturday morning that Australians, regardless of political beliefs, expect their mail to be delivered.

“If we pay for it, we expect it to reach those voters,” he said.

“It is a deep disappointment to see cases like this where a large number of mail voting applications could be very important, especially older Australians who use mail votes to vote safely, especially in times of pandemic.”