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Thanks to their victory in Cardiff, Les Bleues will play the Grand Slam against England

Annick Hayraud secured their fourth consecutive victory (33-5) against XV du Leek on Friday night at the Six Nations Tournament.

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Published 22. 4. 2022 22:57 Updated 23. 4. 2022 0:10

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The mines remained somewhat closed despite the victory. On Friday, April 22, XV France certainly won its fourth success in so many Six Nations Tournament matches when it dominated (33-5) Wales, but failed to master its theme.

The important thing is still safe. The undefeated Habs next Saturday offer the coveted final shock against England, the first nation in the world. In Bayonne, they will try to win this Grand Slam, which they have missed since 2018.

Frustrated with the successful start of the tournament, but rough in content, the Blues hoped to finally put in a consistent game over 80 minutes. They lasted until an hour before falling back into the trap.

Carried balls, solidity in scrum, contact passes in the heart of defense, a successful attempt after a pass on foot (Boujard, 19th), the resumption of school by Chloé Jacquet well helped Sansus to increase the score (29th, 24th -0) or even a trick test after scrum: The Tricolores showed off their palette and secured an offensive bonus before half time.

Then teammates Jessy Trémoulière, burdened by clumsiness, again lost track of a match marked by several skirmishes.

“There is still frustration, but now we have to move to England. They are the best nation in the world, if we want to get something, we will have to show a better face and we know it,” warned Captain des Bleues. , Gaëlle Hermet at the end of the match.


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