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Team Battle game announced by Ubisoft

Following the relevant leak, Ubisoft confirmed the existence of “Project Q”. Applicants can apply for the testing phase.

According to relevant rumors, Ubisoft has officially confirmed the development of “Project Q”. As a team battle game, the title aims to offer players a “truly unique experience”.

It is not clear when it will be released. Due to the early development of “Project Q”, no release has been announced yet. However, those interested in the player can register for the upcoming playtests.

According to Ubisoft, “Project Q” is not a classic Battle Royale title. Instead, you should be offered a “different PvP fashion with a single goal.” According to the publisher, it’s “fun.”

No NFT integration is planned

After the French publisher was one of the first companies in the gaming industry to openly promote the integration of NFT drops and even introduced its own NFT platform with Quartz, the question arose as to whether “Project Q” was being developed with such goals in mind. According to Ubisoft, however, it is not currently planned to bring the NFT into the title. The future will show whether this approach will change.

There is no definitive information on supported platforms. However, the registration page lists options for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC, which are likely to be target platforms.

It has been confirmed that “Project Q” will be developed by Ubisoft Bordeaux. And while it has not yet been revealed that it is a free-to-play title, the official developer’s website said before announcing that they were working on a new F2P PvP game.

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“Project Q” was first mentioned by the recently initiated Tom Henderson, who spoke of the two regimes. “Showdown” is an implementation of the battle royale approach, which consists of only four teams of two players. The second mode, called “Battle Zone”, is a battle arena mode in which players must score 100 points. You can find our report on Henderson’s escape here.

By the way, this is not Battle Royale. The game will feature various PvP modes with a single goal: FUN!

– Ubisoft (@Ubisoft) April 23, 2022

We do not plan to add NFT to this game, you can learn more by registering and participating in the upcoming tests!

– Ubisoft (@Ubisoft) April 23, 2022

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