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Sweaty Christian Lindner speaks at a party conference: Corona’s appearance provokes outrage

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) has provoked outrage on the Internet by speaking at an FDP conference in Berlin. Reason: Lindner was sweating during the speech and seemed to be visibly beaten.

“After two years of Covid19 infection, yesterday a negative result at the test center and today a negative quick test: positive. Thanks to three vaccinations, only mild cold symptoms will subside again. on Twitter.

“Practiced personal responsibility”: Ill Lindner speaks via video at a party conference – and receives harsh criticism

Lindner tested positive during a business trip to Washington and has apparently been isolated since then, so the FDP chief in Berlin could not be present in person. Many Twitter users now suspect that his infection is not as harmless as Lindner recently announced. They accuse Lindner of a lack of personal responsibility.

“V # bpt22 speaks frantically and battered-looking, coronapositive Lindner, while delegates sit for hours without a mask. The FDP’s trained personal responsibility. Work poorly and don’t even respect basic protection for yourself and others,” criticizes one user. “Lindner looked really bad. he was sweating, he had glass eyes, a clear fever, “says another.” But Lindner was doing the right thing so far, after a positive test he isolated himself, he stayed in the USA. But yes, he is visibly ill, “the user points out.

In his 40-minute speech, Lindner supported Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) in the debate on arms supplies to Ukraine and sharply criticized the CDU / CSU opposition. “The Chancellor is trusted by the FDP and their parliamentary groups in the German Bundestag,” says Lindner. Another topic was the economic consequences of the war. According to the FDP leader, Germany must oppose “stagflation” – a weaker economy with a growing currency devaluation.