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“Steal the Toilet and Die”: Selensky jokes bitingly about Russia’s lifelong dream

“Steal the toilet and die” Selensky jokes bitingly about Russia’s dream

23.04.2022, 08:19

The Russian government is convinced that not only in Ukraine but also in Moldova, the Russian-speaking population is being oppressed and must be saved. Another invasion would not surprise Ukrainian President Zelenský. After all, life in Russia is not worth anything.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed the false self-image and inferiority complexes of the Russian government. “Russia is the territory where Russia should protect the rights of Russian-speaking people,” he said in a video sent to the Telegram late in the evening. Russia is a country without freedom of speech, free elections and dissent. “A country where poverty thrives and human life is worthless,” Zelenskyj emphasizes. “So worthless that they come to us and start a war to steal what looks like normal life.”

In his message, the Ukrainian president also summed up the current state of Russia’s dream of life: “They used to want to go to Paris and then die,” he says. “They want to steal the toilet and die today.”

“Who will be next?”

The Ukrainian president reacted with criticism to the statements of Russian Major General Rustam Minnekaev. At Friday’s event, he claimed that the Russian-speaking population is being oppressed not only in Ukraine but also in the Republic of Moldova. According to him, Russia first wants to completely control the Donbas in the east of the country and then in the south of Ukraine. According to him, this includes not only Crimea, but the entire land bridge over Odessa to Transnistria. Transnistria is a breakaway region in eastern Moldova.

“Statements show that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is just the beginning,” Zelensky said in his video message. Then Russia wants to conquer more countries. “All nations that, like us, believe in the victory of life over death must fight with us. They must help us, because we are first in line. And who will be next?”

Moldova summoned the Russian ambassador

Not only Selensky but also the government of the Republic of Moldova seems to see Minnekaev’s statements as a threat. The Foreign Ministry in Chisinau therefore summoned the Russian ambassador. She said she wanted to express her “deep concern” at the statements of the senior military commander on her website.

The allegation that the Russian-speaking population is being oppressed in Moldova is unfounded, the foreign ministry said. “Moldova is a neutral state and this principle must be respected by all international actors, including the Russian Federation.”