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School starts after the Easter holidays: What are the crown rules?

Nothing will change in schools this week. The Bavarian Ministry of Culture wants to “observe a probably increased number of people infected” after the Easter holidays. But it is already clear that from May 1, tests will no longer be compulsory in schools. According to the Ministry of Education, the 3G regulation will no longer apply to teachers and people outside school.

Pupils look forward to the school’s presence

It is nice for students that full-time teaching is possible throughout this school year, says Bavarian Minister of Education Michael Piazolo. It is also positive that there are more opportunities to make school life more enjoyable with concerts, school celebrations and graduation trips. “I know it’s very important for our students,” Education Minister Piazolo said.

The Realschule teachers’ association criticizes the omission of the mask requirement

The Bavarian Real School Teachers’ Association welcomes the end of the compulsory test, but at the same time criticizes the abolition of the mask requirement. Without the obligation to wear a veil, many students and parents are afraid, says Jürgen Böhm, president of the Bavarian Realschule Teachers’ Association. Stopping the tests is the right thing to do, but now at least one safeguard must be put in place.

This may be a requirement for a mask in the school’s communication area, according to the chairman of the Bavarian Association of Real School Teachers, you could then remove the mask again if certain distances are observed. In principle, Jürgen Böhm wants to maintain the demand for a mask.

Minister of Education: “It is no longer legally possible to wear a veil!”

The Union of Bavarian Philologists could also imagine the demand for a mask, especially with regard to the forthcoming Abitur. According to Michael Schwägerl, chairman of the Bavarian Association of Philologists, the principals of many grammar schools would strongly recommend the mask, “because the mask is a relatively harmless means of achieving good protection at short distances.”

The obligation to wear veils in Bavarian schools is no longer possible by law, Bavarian Education Minister Michael Piazolo defends himself. “There was no more room here, every measure always had to be justified.” Piazolo still recommends wearing a mask. According to the Bavarian Minister of Education, the mask is no longer possible after the decision on the traffic light in Berlin.

The difficult situation is described by the Bavarian Teachers’ Association

The most important thing now is for school to return to normal, says the Association of Bavarian Teachers. But this normality will hardly be present in schools at present. According to Simone Fleischmann, president of the Bavarian Teachers’ Union, in addition to the coronavirus crisis and the continuing shortage of teachers in schools, there is also a refugee crisis. The BLLV therefore demands more support from schools in Bavaria from politicians.