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Saint-Etienne – Monaco was suspended for half an hour due to fireworks

Funny birthday present. For their 30th anniversary, the Geoffroy-Guichard Green Angels transformed a real cauldron, including smoke. A group of fans used smoke bombs and fireworks on several occasions, especially after AS Monaco’s third goal shortly after the hour. The match could continue at 21:00, in the 65th minute. Monaco then led 1-3.

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The unfortunate Timothé Kolodziejczak had his own goal to make the rockets take off again and stop the party. These fireworks fell on the lawn and around the field, while the meadow was surrounded by a light fog. Conditions that were difficult to maintain and that forced the referee to send 22 players back to the locker room. Other fireworks were fired at the end of the first period, this time without consequences.

Risk of sports sanctions

A crisis unit with referees, officials from both clubs and authorities was convened to decide on the rest of the evening in Forez. However, the referees did not judge a situation that would spiral out of control or pose an immediate danger, and decided to continue the match with all the fans still in the stands.

However, this interruption could not go unnoticed. Administrative or even sporting sanctions could be imposed after these excesses. Supporters of Saint-Etienne, who were already pinned against the Angers at the beginning of the season, which led to the banning of the stands for two matches, could burden their birthdays if their points are withdrawn. The Greens are still at the bottom of the table, in 18th place, which is synonymous with the playoffs at the end of the season, four points ahead of the Girondins de Bordeaux.

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