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Rising prices: The UK’s largest retail chain is now allocating sunflower oil

In the UK, retail giant Tesco will also allocate sales of sunflower oil, according to a notice on Friday, April 22.

The Tesco brand has introduced a purchase limit of three bottles per customer for the entire range of cooking oils. The UK’s largest retailer claims to still have a certain amount of cooking oil in stock, but several vegetable oil SKUs are not in stock on its website. In the United Kingdom, the price of cooking oil in Tesco stores is about 20% higher than a year ago.

So that customers do not have to stock up, large retailers have adapted everywhere in Europe since the beginning of the war.

Brands like Lidl France limit purchases to three bottles of sunflower oil per person.

The same scenario can be seen in Spain or even Belgium. But one way or another, sunflower oil prices have risen across Europe, including Germany, and by around 20-25% in France and the United Kingdom.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) said some retailers had introduced limits on the purchase of edible oil “as a temporary measure to ensure accessibility for everyone”.