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Ricky Stuart Fiery Press Conference, Viking Clap, Canberra Raiders vs. Penrith Panthers, Round 7

Ricky Stuart cringed at reporters when asked about Panthers fans who applauded the Vikings during Penrith’s 36-6 victory over the Raiders at a tense press conference.

The Panthers fans twice decided to perform the infamous Raiders pre-match ritual during the second half, and Stuart was asked to do so after the match.

“Ricky one of the big moments in the second half several times with Viking applause, what do you think?” the journalist asked.

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“I have no thoughts, my friend,” Stuart replied.

“Is that really a big point of interest?”

Raiders captain Jack Wighton was also asked about Viking applause, but refused to be drawn.

“I have no comment, my friend,” Wighton said.

“If that’s all we have to talk about,” Stuart said, motioning to leave.

“F *** I’m dead.”

Panthers coach Ivan Cleary was also asked if the Viking applause was respectful from the crowd.

“How do you answer the question of what the crowd is doing?” Cleary said.

“My experience with the rugby league is such that crowds of visiting teams keep giving it to you.

“All the best stories are from some of the crowds you have to face.

“I don’t think anyone should be too sensitive to such things.”

“The crowd is paying their money. They are the lifeblood of the game. It’s not just your home crowd, it’s every crowd.


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Ricky Stuart was not in the mood to discuss the applause of the Vikings. Source: FOX SPORTS

“That’s what you want.” You want people to appear in droves, which is what happens. Because I don’t really know, I’d imagine it’s just a little fun and games. ”

The Raiders were in the match until the second half, when they failed to play the ball in Penrith’s territory and Stuart was asked about it after the match.

“How hard has it been for your party that it’s stuck in your own end for most of the other half?” asked Stuart Jake Duke of Fox League.

“All that,” Stuart replied.

“Very difficult. It’s quite unique to have… I don’t think we had a game in their half.

“On the back of the 9-1 penalty you defend forever.”

“So it wouldn’t just be Penrith beating us for that amount.” The other teams would also beat us if you can’t play the ball in the opponent’s half. ”

Stuart was asked whether the lack of Raiders football in Penrith’s half was their own merit, the perfection of the Panthers, or the influence of the referees.

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“Yes, all of the above,” Stuart replied.

Stuart was also under pressure from his key choices when he dropped Charnz Nicolla-Klokstad on the bench and moved Jordan Rapana to the bench, bringing Xavier Savage to the wing.

“Yeah, and I was very happy,” Stuart said.

“I was very happy because if it was 55 minutes, it was our best football this season, so we have to build on that.”

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Stuart was pressed to see if he thought the selection was successful.

“Yes, I do,” Stuart replied.

The Raiders dropped to the penultimate place after the fifth loss of the season, but Wighton promised that his team would learn from a convincing loss to the Prime Ministers’ defenses and move forward.

“He’s a rugby league buddy, you can’t drop the package early this season,” Wighton said.

“We have had really hard weeks and all we have to do is keep going. We will learn from this game and go again. ”