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Paul St-Pierre Plamondon: positive for COVID and future father

Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon was surprised to see two positive tests on Saturday, one of which told him he had contracted COVID-19 and the other that he would be a dad again.

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“Life is full of hope, trials and surprises,” he wrote on social media on Saturday, adding that he and his wife Alexandra Tremblay were both tested positively.

“In my case, I’ll be out for the next seven days.” In her case, it will have to take the next nine months a little more relaxed, “he continued with a photo in support of the COVID quick test and the pregnancy test.

Life is full of hope, trials and surprises. Alex and I each had a positive test for one test. In my case, I’ll be gone for another 7 days. In her case, she will have to take the next 9 months more relaxed.

Bring some challenges! ❤️💪😳

– Paul St-Pierre Plamondon (@PaulPlamondon) April 23, 2022

Several members of his committee have already congratulated him on his birth, including PQ parliamentary leader Joël Arseneau.

“Great news for the family: a bit of forced short-term ‘rest’, a wonderful gift of life in nine months,” he commented on Twitter.