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Parisian group against Lens


PSG v. Lens

Leandro Paredes (pubalgia), Mauro Icardi (quadriceps lesions), Abdou Diallo (recovery) and Julian Draxler (recovery) are the main absentees of the Paris group before the match on Day 34 of Ligue 1 against Lens, this Saturday night at Princes. Park. The Paris Club suggests that Mauro Icardi will be absent for two to three weeks. Another absentee, Edouard Michut, who is fighting for a disqualification.

22. 4. at 16:21

No festivities in case of Saturday’s title

The quarrel with the supporters left traces. According to RMC Sport, there will be no festivities in the event of Saturday’s formalization of the 10th French title. The honorary round could still take place to thank the public for their support throughout the season. The club will celebrate this coronation during the final match of the season at the Parc des Princes on May 21 against Metz, passing the trophy. The construction of the stage will start soon, but this celebration promises to be “relatively sober”.

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22.04. at 13:40

The end of Pochettin’s press conference, which this time covered all topics

The big discussion with Navas, Mbappé’s future, the supporters’ strike and even the ten Hags in Manchester United, Pochettino did not miss any topic with an obsession for him: to win the title tomorrow night.

April 22 at 1:39 pm

One last question about Lens

“Athletic team, very well organized. We know that we will have a very difficult match tomorrow. We will have to be concentrated, concentrated. It will be a quality and very difficult match.”

April 22 at 1:37 pm

When appointing Ten Hag to Manchester United?

“All the rumors during my career have never influenced me and I have not commented on them. I have always been fully invested. Rumors are rumors, they exist every day and you don’t have to deal with it. Attention. My commitment to the club is complete and always has been.”

April 22 at 1:35 pm

For possible celebrations with fans of tomorrow

It is something that needs to be valued. Winning a national title is something of value. the value of the championship should not be underestimated. Then we hope that the supporters will be able to be there and celebrate the titles with us and will be able to take a break from the current situation, that the criticism will be constructive and that the club will make a decision. I hope that they can be with us tomorrow, that we will win the title and that we can celebrate it with our supporters.

April 22 at 1:32 pm

Did Icardi return to the field before the end of the season?

“I hope so. I’ve talked to him, it doesn’t sound too serious.”

April 22 at 1:31 pm

Does Mbappé Pochettina worry?

It doesn’t bother me. This situation occurs in all clubs. as a coach you have to adapt to this type of situation. I would like to keep him selfishly, take him on holiday with me and home. We would all like him to extend, that is clear. But these decisions belong to the club, the players … But first you have to be the champion. Only after the season can we solve various individual cases.

22. 4. at 13:27

Again 3-5-2 against Lens?

Yes, this is an option we are considering. I am satisfied with the performance of the team in Angers. But we can also play Danila as the 3rd midfielder when we have the ball. This is also an option.

22. 4. at 13:25

For a discussion with Keylor Navas

After the match, I talked to Keylor, he wanted to talk. I think he spoke very well. The most important thing is that we have achieved the goals we have set for this end of the season, ie winning the title. And then, in relation to the future, history is written in different circumstances, for Keylor and for other players.

We talked about it on the plane on the way back from Angers about what he said and what I said at the press conference, and this morning we talked about something completely different.

April 22 at 1:20 p.m.

The start of the press conference right now

The match is, of course, Lens, tomorrow night at 9 p.m. In case of victory, PSG will win the 10th championship title in its history.

22. 4. at 13:18

There was only one point missing from the master’s title

The most important thing is to win the match tomorrow and play professionally and finish the championship in the best possible way.

April 22 at 1:17 pm

Pochettino appeared on the club media

“The most important thing is to win the championship. Then we can rotate a bit, bring in young people, but we’re still playing with the best players.”

April 22 at 1:01 pm

PSG Medical Point

– Mauro Icardi is treated with a lesion of the right quadriceps, his recovery with the group is evaluated between 2 and 3 weeks.

– Abdou Diallo will continue collective training next week after adduct injuries and right knee pain.

– Julian Draxler returned to racing after knee arthroscopy to repair the meniscus.

– Leandro Paredes continues to rehabilitate after surgical treatment for his pubalgia.

April 22 at 1:01 pm

Conference at 1 p.m.?

He informs the club about it on his website.

22.04.2015 at 11:15

Pochettino in full discussion with Navas

PSG training is also marked by a long discussion between Mauritius Pochettin and Keylor Navas. On Wednesday, after a clear PSG victory on the Angers turf (3: 0, 33rd day Ligue 1), the Costa Rican goalkeeper, holder against the SCO three days after staying on the bench during the Classic against the OM, stopped at the Canal + microphone and mentioned about your personal situation.

“You have to study a lot of things,” he said. In the end, I have a very good relationship with Donnarumma, there are no problems with him, he said of his competition with the Italian goalkeeper. Of course I still want to play all matches. We’ll see what happens in the future. My family is happy in Paris, I’m happy here. We’ll see what happens, but it has to change one way or another. “

Are the two men talking about the future of the doorman? Or just a weekend match? That is a question…

Keylor Navas and Mauricio Pochettino © RMC Sport

22.04.2010 at 11:10

Kurzawa back in training

Layvin Kurzawa, who has been injured in the calf in recent weeks (and more generally not used by Mauricio Pochettino), is back in PSG training this Friday, as stated at the club’s last medical point.

Abdou Diallo is also on the pitch for short individual sessions. Otherwise there are Messi, Neymar, Verratti and Navas.


22. 4. at 10:33

Pochettin’s conference plan before the PSG-Lens

See you at 1:15 p.m., and you’ll be watching Mauritius Pochettin’s press conference live.

22. 4. at 10:33

What future does Kylian Mbappe have?

Kylian Mbappé’s contract in Paris ends soon, but the series continues. Extend or sign Real Madrid, the possibilities are endless. Doubts also remain about the timing of the attackers’ announcements, while his family is currently in Doha to discuss with the PSG leadership.

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22. 4. at 10:29

Pochettino wants fans to celebrate their 10th title

Paris may win the 10th title of French champion in its history this weekend. Although in the eyes of some fans it does not diminish the European failure, Mauricio Pochettino called on supporters to celebrate him with dignity.

>> Pochettin’s words before the potential 10th PSG title

22. 4. at 10:27

The Paris champion …

Despite the success in Angers in the middle of the week (0-3), PSG is not yet a champion. Take it on the success of OM against Nantes (3-2). But Paris can be crowned this Saturday, regardless of other matches, if the club does not lose to Lens.

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22. 4. at 10:25

Hello everyone,

PSG welcomes Lens on Saturday night during the 34th day of Ligue 1. Leader with 15 points ahead of OM, Paris can be crowned French champion in the match against Sang et Or.

See you at 1:15 p.m., and you’ll be watching Mauritius Pochettin’s press conference live.