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Paris in numerical superiority, the title is approaching

Mendes finds a small network

Without a solution on the right side of the surface, Mendes tried his luck in strength. The ball ends up in the small net Leca, he doesn’t have to worry about this.

Fear on the surface of Paris

Da Costa Frankowski served in one of Lensoise’s rare incursions into the camp. The left piston is too extended to pull the ball out correctly.

Kalimuendo sacrificed

The guest attacker from PSG will be replaced by Haïdar after the expulsion of Dansa. Another long half hour to Lens.

Lens in hard

While on the Lensois bench it’s exciting, visitors have been suffering from the exclusion of Dansa ever since. A change can be made.

Leca bounced Messi’s direct kick!

Messi takes advantage of the free kick on this free kick. He goes around the wall, but hits Leca, who is trying to push into a corner.


Second warning for defender Lensois, who leaves his partners at ten! Danso struggles with Neymar from behind and takes the ball, but he also takes the support leg of a Brazilian who collapses in front of the surface.

Sotoca center on Navas

The attacker Sang et Or, served on the right side of the area, centers only on the Paris goalkeeper, who is always alert and can restart quickly.

Card for Ramos

Guilty of clearing the ball on Fofan, he clears the defender’s warning.

Mbappé very close to the goal!

Mbappé quickly kicks-off a free kick with Verratti and surprises Lensoise defense. Leca first pushed his little jump with the end of his gloves before Wooh rejected his second attempt on his line!

Sotoca is looking in this area

Da Costa pinches his ball behind the defense at Sotoca, too short. PSG is recovering, Mbappé is taking long strides.

New corner for Racing

Clauss plays two with Da Costa. The center of the French International then pushes Verratti back.

Ramos concentrated

Clauss is served in his right lane and center against Mendes. Ramos takes the penalty off. The lens then gets a corner that gives nothing.

At a slow pace

The match continues timidly in Paris. Pochettin’s men spin the ball at a senatorial pace.

Neymar in the sun

The Brazilian striker remains on the ground in the center circle after the irregular intervention of Wooha. Neymar finally gets up quickly.

We’re going to the Parc des Princes again!

PSG still has 45 minutes to formalize its French title!


No goal on the break, PSG is practically the champion of France! Parisians return to the locker room with a light whistle. After a slow start, Paris gained strength in minutes and created the best scoring opportunities without being able to deceive the vigilant Lensoise.

PSG will take his time

Paris catches up with Lensoise and forces his opponent to run for a while while waiting for a breakthrough.

Fofana is on again

A new shot from a distance from Captain Lensoise. This time he tries a strong shot from the left from the right. Navas is still on the trajectory, going through.

Clauss carefully Navas

The lens goes on the counterattack. Fofana serves Frankowski, who replaces Claus, alone at a remote location. His one-touch punch lacks power, and Navas can catch him with two punches.

Mbappé still shoots over!

Another missed opportunity from Mbappé! After the ball was lifted in from the left, Wooha was on his own in the home side’s penalty area and should have scored after 80 minutes, but missed, probably due to lack of concentration.

Blood and gold procrastinate

Lens tries to hold the ball in the Paris camp, but very quickly loses the ball and counterattacks.

Corner for PSG

Neymar hit him from the left. Sotoca lets go at the nearest pole. Lens continues to retreat.

PSG woke up

After a timid start, the Parisians clearly raised their voices. They now have 61% possession of the ball and 8 shots to 3 (2 per goal to 1).

Kalimuend’s answer

The player trained in PSG goes against and opens the way to the goal on the left side of the surface. His bullet is too axial and Navas easily caught it.

Mbappé misses him face to face!

Great opening from Neymar to depth in one touch for Mbappé. The French striker starts against Leco, but his shot goes too far and ends up in the stands!

Messi appears

Messi, shifted to the right of the surface, is off center and decides to strike from a close angle in front of Wooh. Leca does a nice foot surgery. Paris is approaching.

Verratti lacks application

Verratti, who serves Mbappé in the left corner of the area, goes through two touches. It’s too deep a clear goal for Hakimi.

Navas avoids the corner

On a powerful cross on the ground from Clausse on the right, Ramos tries to break the trajectory. The ball went to the Costa Rican goalkeeper, who threw himself to avoid a corner.

Good exit from Leca

A great fall from Hakimi, who overcomes half of Lensoise before posing against Lac. He pushes his ball too hard and misses his jump. Leca lets the corner go through his head. It doesn’t do anything.

Neymar lacks precision

After an inaccurate increase, Lens returns the ball to his opponent. Messi serves Mbappé, who pushes Neymar to a further pole with a clever heel. The Brazilian, alone in front of the goal, intervenes outside.

Danso in front of Mbappém

A great return from the Austrian defender, who dealt with the ball just in front of Mbappé, who accelerated for the first time from the right.

Clauss doesn’t adjust his center

Clauss almost managed to score another goal for FC, coming from the right, but his header was tipped over for a corner by the visitors’ keeper. His cross shot at Frankowski is too strong. Goal kick for Parisians.

Fofan is trying again

Fofana slipped and slithered in the wet grass. His usual rapid runs were nowhere to be seen today. His attempt is countered by Kimpembe’s intervention.

Verratti risks

The Italian midfielder wants to revive the short at all costs and is afraid of Pressing Fofan. He corrects the mistake and can lift his block.

Hakimi combines with Guey

A new progression of the Moroccan national team, which relies on its center. But the depth transfer is too long, Lens recovers and recovers quickly.

Dance offside

Clauss plays a free kick from the right side. Crosses at the further bar from Dansa, who takes the ball with his head and warns Navase. Defender Lensois is eventually reported offside.

Hakimi in his works

The Paris Piston works in front of Frankowski, who is against his center. Leca catches up without any problems.

PSG calms down

Pochettin’s men finally go into PSG mode and spin the ball in the enemy’s camp. Although the ball is quickly returned to Lac.

Great property for the Artthesians

After ten minutes, it may not be worth much, but Lens still has 62% possession of the ball from the kick.

Danso has already warned

Neymar calls deeply at a quick touch. He encounters Dans, who receives a hard card for this block.

Fofan’s bet!

Fofan surprises everyone with a strong blow from the outside. The ball floats and ends just above the crossbar of the Paris goal. The first race at this meeting.

The ball does not fall on the visitors

Paris still does not threaten, but leaves the ball to the guests. Relatively quiet start of the match in Parc des Princes.

The lens forces its rhythm

Sang et Or will keep the ball in these first minutes of the game despite the whistling of the Park. But they can’t get close to Navas’ goal for now.

Mbappé is warming up

Mbappé’s first hit from the left. It looks hurried, the ball flies over the crossbar Leca.

The park is always quiet

As in recent clashes, the Auteuil turn intentionally remains silent. Which gives this gala evening a special atmosphere again.

Let’s go between Paris and Lens!

As a reminder, Parisians need a draw to win the tenth title of French champion!

The excavation is approaching

Both teams enter the Parc des Princes turf a few minutes from the start of the match.

Pochettin’s words before the match (Canal +)

“Lens is a very good team with a very good coach, he explains his evening opponent. We are ready. Lens is very physical, with very good players, techniques and tactics.”

“We respect the decision of our fans a lot, he says of the festivities that fans potentially expect outside the stadium. But that’s not a good thing. Football is all together, with good energy. We need our fans. I hope to win.” game and celebrate together. “

Racing wants to ruin the “party”

Lensois are a series of three wins in a row, against Nice (3-0), Lille (2-1) and Montpellier (2-0). The four in a row in Ligue 1 have not been around for almost 20 years.

Mbappé in the footsteps of Pauleta

With 129 goals in Ligue 1, Kylian Mbappé is only one team behind Pedro Miguel Pauleta, the league’s top scorer in the 21st century.

Al-Khelaïfi is not present

According to Canal +, PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is not at the Parc des Princes tonight. He is currently in “important meetings” in Doha.

PSG avoided the worst on the way

As a reminder, the Parisians drew a draw on December 4 in the first match (1: 1) thanks to an overtime goal from Wijnaldum. Fofana scored on Lensois’s side. PSG also won its autumn champion title that evening and can be crowned French champion this Saturday.