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Over and over again going to the Towns inspires the Wolves to win in Game 4 of the thriller

Karl-Anthony Towns was upset, and as Towns put it after the Timberwolves’ 119: 118 victory in Game 4 over Memphis: “It’s just not the most pleasant thing when I’m upset.”

Anger is not always a good combination for Towns when it comes to his game. Anger at officials or the way teams watch over it can spread to the ways the NBA world has seen them up close in match 3 of this series of the first round of the playoffs and playoffs last week.

Grumpy Towns can sometimes shut down and be its biggest enemy.

The Wolves needed every bit of Towns’ anger on Saturday night. Who knows where they would be without it? Almost certainly not a 2: 2 draw in the series of the top seven after winning the match, which ended early Sunday morning.