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Ork is out in the final

In the clip: Nora Tschirner is an orc

Ork is out in the finale of “The Masked Singer”.

For the orc, the journey of the “Masked Singer” ends in the final in 2022. As the finalist’s mask, he was eliminated because viewers really want to know who the language talent is. “Thank you so much for being so great,” Rateteam member Ruth Moschner said, thanking the mask in fourth place.

Meanwhile, Rea Garvey fears he didn’t know the star he knows. “Maybe it’s someone we know,” the Irish singer speculates.

Which star will appear live at the revelations on ProSieben and Joyn? That’s for sure.

This is Nora Tschirner

Nobody had it on screen! Nora Tschirner is in fact the orc “The Masked Singer” of 2022. The Berlin actress appeared under a mask at the revelation. The guessing team and spectators actually guessed Michelle Hunziker or Oonagh. But #MaskedSinger is always good as a surprise!

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