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Open interrogation investigation at Sorel-Tracy

SOREL TRACY The Sûreté du Québec and the Commission Municipale du Québec had to open an investigation after a senior Sorel-Tracy official discovered the recording equipment.

“The circumstances of this incident will be analyzed to determine whether or not it is a crime,” said Audrey-Anne Bilodeau, a sergeant in the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), on Friday.

Last Tuesday, after the council, more than 20-year-old René Chevalier would be emotional when he told elected officials that he had found a hidden camera on a raised piece of furniture in his office. Sorel Town Hall – Tracy.

The suspect immediately turned to the mayor Serge Péloquin, a well-versed person told the Journal on Friday, but he asked for his identity to be kept secret.

She betrayed wifi

According to our information, the spy device was not equipped with very advanced technology, it is more of a webcam, and in addition it could be revealed by a wifi signal leading to the mayor’s office.

In shock, councilors allegedly asked the mayor to resign as they discussed the situation on Tuesday night.

Since then, the first citizen of Sorel-Tracy has suspended the official for 30 days.

“That’s how it’s done,” Mr. Péloquin said yesterday when he contacted Le Journal.

When asked if it was he who hid the microphone, the mayor replied that he would not answer this question “immediately”.

He said he was aware that the suspicions had turned to him.

Incidentally, he stressed that the mayor may exercise “his right of supervision” with reference to Article 52 of the Law on Cities and Towns.

Mr Péloquin also clarified that the investigation report was to be presented next Monday at a meeting with councilors, after which he undertook to “provide all the details”.

However, he had previously indicated that the reason for this investigation was to report a “breach of the duty of loyalty to the employer”.

However, according to the anonymous evidence gathered, Mr Chevalier would be a “victim” in this matter.


An internal investigation is currently underway at the City, his spokesman Dominic Brassard confirmed.

SQ and the Commission Municipale du Québec are also trying to shed light on this story.

These investigations may succeed in determining the entire period during which Mr Chevalier’s office was intercepted.

This element is all the more worrying in the city council that Mr Chevalier served as president of the municipal elections last autumn in addition to the city official.

On Friday, René Chevalier politely declined our request for an interview.