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One of the biggest rain sequences that awaits us

Quebec is expected to experience one of the longest series of consecutive rainy days since the early spring of 2022, with every major city in the province expected to be under fleet within the next week.

From Sunday afternoon, it will be necessary to wait until the beginning of May, before it is sunny days again. The cities of Gatineau up to Gaspé, through Montreal and Quebec expect rain, sometimes a few flakes.

“It is certain that with such rainfall, it will be necessary to monitor floods in different rivers for several sectors,” Jean Brassard, a meteorologist for Environment Canada, told QMI.

Since Sunday morning, only the Petite-Nation River in Outaouais has been in a state of minor floods, the level at which the first spillways can be observed, especially in the fields and roads near the watercourse. . Some settlements located on the shores of the water area may be endangered, isolated or slightly flooded.

In addition to precipitation, mercury is expected to fall by several degrees in the province over the next few days. Montreal will go from 16 ° C on Monday to 10 ° C on Thursday, the same for Quebec, which will go from 15 ° C on Tuesday to 8 ° C.

The sun should return to the tip of the nose next weekend with rising mercury.