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Officials: 4 dead, including 3 children after a townhouse fire in Kensington on Sunday

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Four people died after Sunday morning’s house fire in Kensington.

Firefighters arrived at the heavy flames coming out of the house, not much left.

Derek Bowmer, executive director of the Philadelphia Fire Department, said three juveniles and one adult man died as a result of the fire.

The fire broke out shortly after 2:00 on Sunday at 3200 Hartville Street.

#BREAKING Officials say three children are dead this morning after a fire broke out along 3200 Hartville Street in Kensington.

A 38-year-old woman suffering from burns was taken to Temple Hospital.

Fire Marshall and ATF are investigating. @ 6abc

– Bryanna Gallagher (@BGallagherTV) April 24, 2022

“Our men and women in the fire brigade have made a brave effort to try to save here, unfortunately we have a tragedy this morning,” Bowmer said.

Despite the strong PFD response, it was devastating in Kensington this morning. Please keep the community and our members in mind.

– Philadelphia Fire (@PhillyFireDept) On April 24, 2022, a 38-year-old woman escaped the flames and jumped out of a window. She was taken to Temple Hospital to treat burns.

According to director Charlotte Gillum-Maddox, who spoke at a press conference on Sunday afternoon by firefighters, the two children attended Lewis Elkin Elementary School.

Action News spoke to a neighbor who said he had lost his best friend on fire.

“I said where my best friend was, I said you were kidding, you’re sure he’s back because the house is on fire, I can’t go there,” said neighbor Angel Rivera.

Rivera said he spoke to the woman before she was taken to the hospital, describing her body as severely burned.

“He told her to get out, basically jump out the window and I’ll go out with the kids … you know those were his last words,” Rivera said as he described his conversation with the woman.

Rivera was upset and could not understand the tragedy on his block. The woman told us that her husband was the brother of a man who couldn’t do it, he was too shaken to speak.

“Life is short, you know, so if you have kids out, he hugs them, respect them because you never know,” Rivera said.

Officials said the house did not have functional smoke detectors, urging anyone who did not have functional smoke detectors to call 311. They would come and install them.

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