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News: The prototype Google Pixel Watch has been left in the restaurant

Remember when someone lost a prototype iPhone 4 at a bar in 2010? Google now seems to be treating a similar approach, with someone reportedly leaving what looks like a prototype of the famous Pixel Watch in a restaurant somewhere in the United States.

Android Central posted pictures of the device it received from an anonymous source, along with some hardware information. The report says there is also a box left in the restaurant claiming that the device is “for internal testing and development only”.

The facility itself appears to be consistent with the renders shared by the Jon Prosser leak in April 2021:

The images arrived just a day after 9to5Google announced that Google had attempted to trademark the Pixel Watch brand, “to cover the smart watch category; smart watch cases; wearable smart watch computers; smart watch straps; smart watch.”

However, this application only applies to the Pixel Watch trademark, and 9to5Google indicates that Google will still need FCC approval to release the actual product. The prototype leaked to Android Central has not been approved by US, Canadian or European regulators.

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Google did not respond immediately to a comment request. More information could be revealed at the Google I / O 2022 developer conference, which is scheduled for May 11-12, depending on how far the so-called Pixel Watch will be in development.

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